You Should Know How to Hug a Girl

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Friends hug any girl is an exciting feeling that everyone wants to feel in their life. There are also some boys who are too shy and want to hug them too. If you hug any girl, then it should be done in a manner manner, so that the girl feels that you are a decent person and care for her. If your girl is nice to hug, then it will bring more peace to your relationship, so that your relation will last for a long time. Many of you may also have a girlfriend who has already hugged her many times before, but if she is hugged properly, her feelings are different. Which both strengthen mutual love. It is often seen that in the first place to hug any girl, it remains confused in Maman whether she will like it or how to hug it. You also want to know what things should be kept in mind while embracing the girl. Today’s article is about how to embrace the girl.

Hug the girl you love

1. Wait for the right situation

If you want to hug the girl, before that you should know what circumstances you should hug the girl. So let’s know: –

  • First of all, you can hug the girl when someone is introducing you for the first time, as if someone is showing her to you.
  • If there is any chance of happiness, you can also hug it as if both of you had participated in any competition and if you went or passed in exams,
  • Even if you both are saying goodbye to each other, you are still surrounded by neck. That too in a very affectionate manner
  • You can also hug it emotionally, in any situation when you or anyone in your liking girl is unhappy, you can hug it so that the pain of the person gets lightened.

Just Friend Hug To The Girl

1. Observe the front

By the way, when two people meet together, then they are mixed with each other, but nowadays, in the society, it has become commonplace that if somebody brings his friend to the girl then they meet each other’s necks.

If any of your friends introduce you to a girl, then you should not be too hasty, because sometimes it happens vomiting, because every girl does not like it that someone hugs her, then you will have to calm down your situation. Should handle and wait for any kind of reaction from the front. Then you hug him or not.

2. Hug through Normal Way

Your hug should be natural for which your hug should be fast and for a short time. Keep your mouthpiece, body language or eye contact absolutely normal while hugging the girl and it should not look romantic at all.

3. Quick Release

If you have enough time for 2 seconds to hug with a friend, then keep this in mind that if you are hugging a girl as a friend, then hug 2 seconds with humbly and leave it.

Ways to hug girl

1. Lose one another

To hug this stage, first of all, both of your arms should be open and hug the girl in front. Your hug should be light and your chest and stomach should be touched with it.

When you hug the girl, the girl’s hand should be on your neck and your hand should be on the girl’s waist. If your partner is also accompanying you, then grip your grip a little more. But do not tighten these gaps so much that the girls started feeling uncomfortable.
Make this hug a little longer than usual hug and also feel that you have got enough rest and keep this hug so long as your partner does not want to be different from this feeling.

2. Hug from the front

In front hug, you have to hug the girl in front of you, in which your hand will be on your waist and the girl’s hands will be on your neck. You smile by looking at each other from the front. This is a happy hug that you get most often after a long time or when you both are very happy.

3. Hug from the back

To do this hug, you have to hug the girl from behind. When you hug the girl from behind, keep both of your hands on the stomach of the girl and gently tie her stomach. Let your stomach and chest touch with his back and move in a comfortable situation. You keep him in your arms for a long time.

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