You Should Know: ‘Dysuria Treatment at Home’

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Burning in urine, which is also called Dysuria in English, is a very common problem that can happen to either a child or an old man or a woman or a male. Sometimes it starts urinating after a little while and sometimes there is irritation while doing urination but there is also a slight urination. In Ayurvedic language, this problem has been named as strangury. Sometimes this problem is cured within 1-2 days and it takes too much time. Most people ignore this disease but you want to tell them not to ignore the disease because you may have to take big losses later. Which can promote many other diseases for you. You can treat this disease only at home. Today you will now find some home remedies that can help you get relief from urination.

Due to burning urine

Burning in urine may be due to dehydration, narrow urinary tract, kidney stones and urinary tract infections. But there are many other reasons which can cause irritation of urine, which are being given below. Let’s know those reasons.

  • By decreasing the amount of water in the body
  • Bladder bladder
  • Lever problem
  • diabetes
  • Malnutrition
  • Spermatozoa
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Ulcer
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Nerve or spinal cord damage during pregnancy

Symptoms of Dysuria

Here are some of the symptoms that you can easily find out if you are a victim of this disease or not. Because it has often been seen that people did not know the symptoms of the disease and in the absence of that they could not get their treatment in time. When the disease becomes very big and starts giving more damage, then we go to the doctor and then have to spend money and time in fixing the disease.

  • Dysuria
  • Urine odor during urine irritation
  • Feeling very pain in the urinary tract at the time of urine irritation
  • You will start urination in a little while
  • Yellowing of urine
  • Pain in bladder
  • Pee-pee
  • Having stomach pain with urine irritation

Urinary tract burns

1. Eat citrus fruits

You should eat citrus fruits or fruits that have high amounts of citrus acids, which eliminate bacteria produced from urinary infections.

2. corn bark

Boil the fresh corn straws in water. When it boils well, then filter this water and drink some sugar and drink it, which will give you relief from bladder irritation.

3. Apply gill cloth on the navel

If you keep the clotting cloth on your navel for a while, then you get rid of burning sensation in urine.

4. Use protection at the time of S * x

Always remember to protect or use any type of lubricant while doing cog. Because of the time, the cough gets happy while doing it, causing irritation while doing urination.

Treatment of urination of urine

1. Raw milk and water

Drinking a little water in raw milk will help you to get relief. You can also reduce your irritation by drinking a little bit of alum in water and drinking it 3 times a day.

2. Coriander

Add 1 spoon coriander powder in a water glass and soak it for overnight. Sour it in the morning and drink sugar or better in it and drink it.

3. Coconut water

Drinking coconut water gives relief from dehydration and urination burn. Drinking coconut water also mixed with jaggery and coriander powder gives you relief from the urine irritation.

4. Drink plenty of water

You should drink plenty of water in the day so that there is no water shortage in your body. Drink 1-2 glasses of water after half an hour or one hour.

5. Rice Mantle

Mixing a little sugar in the half-glass rice bowl, it provides relief from the urine irritation.

6. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice cools down the entire body, so your bladder gets cool and you get relief in irritation.

7. Almond kernel, small cardamom

Grind 5 grams of almonds and 8 small cardamoms well and mix them with sugar in it for taste. Now drink it in a glass of water and drink it and you will get a lot of relief in your irritation.

8. Drink beer

If you are suffering due to burning of urine while doing piss, you will get a lot of benefit by drinking bear and the stone will flutter with urination.

Home Remedies for Burning in Urine

1. Avian juice

It is also considered to be good for eating anaalaya juice, which removes heat from the body and heals the urine irritation.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is very beneficial for the body. It cools down the body. In its bees, starch, oils, sugars and resin are found, so that urine comes openly. Cucumber should not drink water for 15-20 minutes of eating.

3. Lemon Seeds

Grind the lemon seeds well, keep these grilled beans in the navel and pour cold water over them. If you have stopped doing so, he will come out.

4. Cumin and sugar

Mix sugar and sugar in equal amounts and by eating two spoons of this mixture, you get relief from burning urinary bladder.

5. Bhindi

Bhendi’s vegetable meal removes the irritation of the urine so that urine comes freely without peeing and there is no yellowing in the urine.

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