Woman Kills Man Mood on the Bed

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Hello friends, let us inadvertently make some such mistakes on the bed sometimes that our partner’s mood gets spoiled. But over time, we go to a lot of Sikhs. Once the mood is spoiled, it takes a lot of time to make mood again or does not create mood. So it is very important for you to know what are the things that you need to keep in mind while doing s * x. Keep in mind that whatever things we give in this article do not let them live on your bed.


1. Without Expression

When you are doing s * x with your partner and she is lying like a statue means no reaction. So it would be better if you fall asleep. As long as your partner does not enjoy full with you, do not enjoy doing s * x. Whenever you enjoy with your partner, then express your feelings. So that your partner also feels good

2. When he sleeps

When you are thinking about s * x with your partner or s * x and suddenly you feel that your partner has fallen asleep. Even then the mood gets spoil. You do not try to raise your partner again.

3. Phone Pick

When doing s * x you silent your phone and suddenly the phone of your partner starts playing and they pick up the call. In this way, a lot of mood gets worse.

4. Get the wrong name out of the mouth

When you are in your full zeal and fill it in your arms, go to his ear and slowly take his name and take the name of your ex accidentally. Then your partner’s full mood is off.

5. push you off

When they reach their full peak and push you away and you fall on the floor. In this case, your mood will spoil. But at the same time it is also very happy that you have given your partner access to that extreme happiness. This will make your partner happy and will be very happy with you in the next meeting.

6. Taking your nails or teeth

When you are in your entire mood and your partner starts hitting scratches from your nails or bites your teeth and begins bleeding in parts of your body or getting more cuts. This is also bad s * x experience.

7. Handle with love

Women should handle with big love. If you behave like wildlife. You are doing the first time of Jaise and you will never get to do it again. It is also not good to do this.

8. Avoid Avoid

When you are first time and your boyfriiend is also the first time. She is trying to touch with you and is trying to see your parts. You are hiding and are not interested in what you are saying or are trying to deliberately make unknowingly. In such a situation, the confidence of that guy will become low and his mood gets spoiled.

9. Do not Click Photos

You are doing s * x with your partner and they suddenly try to pull your pics from your phone. No women like to do this. Keep your phone in the side

10. False Music

When you are in a complete mood and suddenly start a religious song from your room or from some religious place. That time also the full mood gets spoil.

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