What not to Do on Social Media Sites after a Breakup

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It is very difficult to pass through breakup. If you love someone so much and suddenly you break up, you feel a big push. But even more anger comes when the breakup thing is revealed on social sites. There are some things that you should avoid if your breakup has happened. Most people make such updates on social sites in a hurry, so that our partner does not feel good and friends or relatives who know him start asking questions like this and sometimes you laugh amidst your partner Becomes the character of We have brought some steps for you in this article. Read it carefully and if you have broken up then never do these things.


Breakup Tips

1. Do not exceed the status of Social Sites

Suppose you are very sad about your breakup. Your heart is hurt so much that you used to love so much that you have broken up today. But this does not mean that you update something on some of the daily social sites that you have broken or some related to your partner or relation. Nobody likes doing this. It can make your partner unhappy.

2. Forget about your old memories and move on

Sometimes it happens that after the breakup couple get together after one. But most of the time it has been seen that after the breakup, the partners try to move forward and it feels like someone else’s life partner. If you still have not forgotten your love and are looking at the photos on social sites that you have ever tagged him or her. You keep remembering the memories you have spent with. Avoid these things. Do not be afraid of your old days if you have broken up, then accept it.

3. Do not Block on Facebook

Some people block their partner after Facebook breakup. You do not do this mistake at all. Facebook and other social sites from which you have friends Bring a little maturity inside yourself. Nothing to do with doing so You do not have to do all this. Rather, it should show your ID so that whenever you make any new updates, it should show that what you are doing and happy without it too.

4. Untag him from photos

Do not untag him from your photos. We know that the photos in which both of you had spent the good moments together, it is painful to see them. But you do not untag them.

What to do after breakup

1. Do not upload any of its

If you had ever gone somewhere with your partner before breakup and you still have some photos of those old days. So do not ever say that its photos have been uploaded to social sites. This is not the right thing to do. Everyone has a different way of thinking on photos uploaded by you and any good or bad commenting on that photo can be done.

2. Stop seeing her profile again and again

Frequently visiting his profile to see which photo he has uploaded or what status is updated. You also have to stop doing this. If he has moved forward in his life then you have to move forward too. And forget it.

3. Behave Normal on Social Sites

If you are activating social sites, then be it you who are you. Rather than posting any status of it so that your partner is irritated. Do not put any such status or photos that are annoying to you and your partner. Do not try to get it jealous. There is no use to do this. By doing this you will also have heart. You just try to forget it

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