Vishnu Pose Benefits and Practicing Process

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Anantasana is also known as Vishnu Pose or Side-Reclining Leg Lift Pose. When Vishnu God sits on His Sheshnag, his position is almost the same. Hence this yoga is also known as Vishnu Pose. There are many benefits to doing this asana, so let us know how to do this yoga and doing it brings benefits to our body. The name Anantasana is composed of two words of Sanskrit: Anant and Asan. Anant means that there is no end and the posture means posture. According to our Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu’s name is infinite. Hence this asana is taken from the infinite word.

How to do anantasana

  • First lie down on your stomach.
    Now keep your elbows on the ground with your right-hand side and keep the weight of your head on your right hand.
    Keep both of your legs straight and keep their fingers down.
    Now make your left leg upward and straighten and hold it with your left hand fingers.
    Stay in this position for a while now.
    Let’s do the same leg leg with the second leg now.

Benefits of Anantasana

  • Do stretch back muscles, side torso, Hamstrings and calves muscles.
    This posture is very good for those who have back pain.
    Improve blood circulation.
    By doing daily practice this asana, your digestion system is greatly improved.
    This seat relieves us of stress.
    This proves to be quite beneficial in Harnia’s problem.
    This seat improves the muscles of the leg, so if you have pain in your leg, then this seat can give you a lot of comfort.

Precautions for Anantasana

  • If you have any stomach related disease, then consult this yoga with the advice of a specialist doctor.
    If you have any disease related to back pain or back pain, avoid doing it.
    It should be done in an open space.
    Always have a mat before you do this yoga.
    This yoga should do hungry stomach before eating it.

Anantasana Video

There is no need to panic if you do not understand the steps given by us. To make this seat even easier, we have brought you the video to do it for you. We hope that you will love it and you will find it easier to do this asana. So watch this video carefully and follow the steps being followed correctly.

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