Types of Meditation which People do all over the World

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Friends, in our previous article, we told about how you meditate. Today, we will tell you how many styles of meditation you can use to meditate. Friends, many great saints and saints have been born in our society and they have given us many ways to meditate. The purpose of meditation is to connect our physical and mental nerves so that we can become meditative. There are many such actions that give us the right result of meditation. We have brought some of those actions that by regular practice, you can make that ultimate light as soon as possible, and you get rid of many diseases as well.

Different ways of meditation

1. Follow Breathing

If you are starting to meditate then it is best for you to breathe-meditation. It is the most important step in this verb, in which you have to close your eyes and rest your mind at any one place above the navel. Now generally take your breath and leave it. Focus on focusing your attention above the stomach and falling down. Do not try to pay attention to this fact that this breath was small or was longer than previous breath. You can also think of some psychographs that help you focus your mind.

Imagine in your mind that a coin is placed on your navel which keeps on rising with your breath and leaving.
Imagine a sign floating on the waves in the ocean, which is rising and falling with breaths.
You can imagine a lotus flower placed on your stomach whose petals are festooned with your breath.
If your mind starts to wander, try to stop it. If you are wandering, then do not panic, it is a common thing to wander. In the early days, it happens with everyone, but gradually you can control it by doing more and more exercises.

2. Chant a Mantra

Mantra-meditation is another form of meditation or you can say that there is another style of meditation. In it you have to repeat any mantra (a sound or sentence) in your mind. You have to repeat this mantra until you lose well in meditation. Remember that you have to choose the same mantra which is easy to remember in posture and small. Like you can pronounce the mantra. You have to utter the mantra in your mind. The word ‘Mantra of the Mantra’ is used in the Sanskrit language.

Chanting the Mantra creates vibrations in our mind and takes our thinking into the deep state of consciousness. Regardless of the mantra you choose, repeat it again and if your mind starts to wander, then do not worry, but try to concentrate your meditation again. When you reach the deep surface of experience and consciousness then it is not necessary for you to repeat the mantra.

3. Try Inspector Meditation

Another art of meditation is the name of ‘Anesthetic Meditation’, in which a peaceful environment is prepared in your mind. You have to imagine a place in your mind that is not in reality. These places should be brand new and unique. You can imagine any place such as a cool place, a hot spot, a grassy field full of flowers, a secluded forest. Try to feel completely at whatever place you want to enter.

Do not try to visualize the things around you and if the thoughts come, do not follow it. Feel the sounds of that place and the smell of the place where you are. Feel that the air of that space is touching with your body. Enjoy the surroundings and completely immerse it in. When you want to lift your attention, take some deep breaths and then open your eyes. Next time whenever you sit for meditation, you can think of the same place again or imagine a new place.

4. Meditate on the heart-cycle

The heart-chakra meditation is also meditation and the system which many people use to meditate. The heart-cycle is one of the seven centers or energy centers present in our body, which is a middle-center between the chest. To do this, close your eyes and rubbing the palms of both hands together, to create heat, then keep your left hand in the middle of your chest and keep your right hand above your left hand. Take a deep breath and leave, when you are leaving the breath, you have to pronounce the word ‘yam’ which is the word associated with the vibrations of the heart-cycle.

When doing the procedure, imagine the brightness of a bright green color in the shape of radiation from your chest and palms. This green color energy, life and all positive emotions that you feel at that time. When you are fully prepared, then let your hands be removed from your chest and let the energy circulate with your palms on your relatives. You experience your body from inside. Do you feel a sense of energy in your body? You may feel more in your arms or legs. If you do not feel like a field of energy then there is nothing to worry about. This field of energy also helps you to connect with your own existence.

5. Focus on an object

The third art of meditation is to meditate with open eyes in which you can use any visible object to prevent your mind from wandering, which will help you to reach the level of deep consciousness. This method is very easy for some people because there is a point in front of your eyes that keeps the mind from wandering. These visible objects can be anyone, such as a crystal, flower or some other kind of divine idol, by seeing many people burning the candle of burning candles, they also do this meditation which makes them feel more asana.

Keep that object on the face level of your eyes, which is not too high or too low, so that you do not have to worry about any kind of trouble or neck. Keep your eyes fixed on the two eyes until you find that the things in front of you are not blurred and you are not completely lost. When you completely focus your attention on that object, you will feel the ultimate peace and you will feel a bit lighter on yourself.

6. Meditate on self-consciousness

There is another technique of meditation, whose name is ‘Self-Kya Inspection’ in which you concentrate on each and every part of the body and then leave that limb completely loose. In this action of meditation, you reach your mind while relaxing the body and then reach the state of resting your mind. In this, close your eyes and choose a starting point for your body. You can start with your toes. If there is looseness or pain in any muscle in your body, then take full care of it which will help you to overcome your pain.

When the feet of the fingers are fully positioned, you increase this technique further and through the rest of your body, the shin, knees, thighs, hips, waist, stomach, chest, back, shoulders, arms, Go to the upper part of the fingers, neck, face, ear and your head. It may take a long time but you have to give it. When your whole body reaches the state of rest, then you can concentrate the meditation and feel the pleasant feeling of meditation.

7. Moving attention is beneficial

Another way to meditate is to meditate on it while following the movement of the feet, it has to be conscious of the combination of body and earth. If you have full time and you are thinking about meditating for a long time, then you can also incorporate mobile meditation into your program. To do this meditation, you have to choose a quiet environment so that your chances of losing your mind are reduced. It is not that you will need a lot of open space to do this but there should be so much space that you can walk 7 steps ahead. You must remove your shoes before you do it. Your eyes look forward and your head is quite straightforward, your hands should be further and the fingers of each other are tied together.

With your slow leg, move your right leg one step further. Forget about the thoughts of this place and concentrate all your attention on your own pace. Wait for a moment after one step ahead. Take one step at a time. While repeating this process, you should stop both of your steps after you reach your final end on the go. Now you have to twist the body weight commentator on your right foot. And to do the same thing in the opposite direction. While doing good meditation, your full attention should be on the speed of the feet, as well as focusing on the ups and downs of breath. Try to concentrate on the combination between your feet and the earth below.

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