Top Secrets about Men, They Want to Hide from Women

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As we all know, love is lost in our body like drunk in today’s time. In today’s day everyone wants to be a boy or a girl, to be your partner. Even today, the children of small age also decide to have their boyfriends and girlfriend already. A man knows to give himself a lot of work time. The way girls need privacy, boys do not care so much about privacy. In the eyes of the boys, it can be read easily and read what is going on in their minds. But there are some things that girls should know about boys. So we are sharing this list with you.


Men’s Secrets

1. Studies have seen that in couples, men and women both like each other very much. But take the first step of proposing always. Men always express their feelings. Many times women do yes and many times no.

2. Men never stop by stalking any girl yourself. Whenever a beautiful girl passes in front of them, then she is definitely looking at him.

3. After shave the men, they seem to be taller and handsome, whereas if their stamina is large they show them mature and powerful.

4. Men always want their partner to love him without any condition. And in the case of happiness or sorrow, it can not change due to the behavioral conditions. Men always think that women are with them only because they have money and if money is over, then the girl will leave them. That is why they like women who love their heart.

5. The man gives much attention to his look. For which he prefer to take branded clothes, branded mobiles and good cakes or cars. They want him to see that the girls are laughing at him. This is the truth.

6. They see lots of p * rn shows or videos. If you ask him, he probably will not tell, but the truth is that people like to see p * rn. They often see p * rn in their bedroom at night and enjoy.

7. They can cook good food but will not show up in front of you. They think that if they make meals in front of women then they will be insulted.

8. They can not stop their emotions due to being a s * xual creature. They think only about most of the time s * x. And if you do not get them from * s * satisfaction, then they may even leave you. And it may also be that they have sex before anyone even before.

9. They should never ask about mastur * bation. They will never agree to say this, and if you tell them, they will say a lot. While the fact is that 95% of men are mastur * bation in their young age.

10. He never let his sad emotions show, even if he is unhappy with the inside. They do not allow their feelings to be expressive, and they also drink sorrow inside.

11. When they are alone in their house, they do not like to wear clothes, they roam the whole house in underware.

12. Men are very aware of their health, so they like to go to the gym. Just the difference is that some prefer to make some slim body and some heavy body.

13. Men have their ego and when they comment on their height, body or health, they also feel very much.

14. Men always walk faster than women, but when they walk with women, they slow down their walk for respect.

15. Men do not think of spending money while women are more miserable than men.

I hope you have enjoyed this article of mine very much. I will bring you good good articles of love even further. If you have any questions you would like to ask. So I will do my best to help you with all your help.

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