Top Famous Sikh Baby Names from Gurbani

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Friends, today we have brought the second session for babies named for you. In our previous article, we gave names to the people of Hindu Religion (Hindu religion) for suggesting their children’s names. In this article, we will help in the name of his child for friends associated with Sikh Religion. Everyone is excited to keep the name of their child to friends. Everyone wants his child to have an unique and nice name. We have come with a list of some modern and unique names for you. In which you can take the suggestion for the name of both baby girl and baby boy.

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Sikh Boys Name

अवनेशLord of the earth
अविनाशEternal, immortal
अवतारIncarnation of god
बक्शीशDevine blessing
बलबीरStrong; couragious
बलदेवThe mighty god
बलजीतMighty victorious
बलराजElder brother of sri krishna
बावाFather, grandfather
भगवंतOne whose heart is full of loving devotion
भजनOne who is absorbed in god’s love
भजनामRemembering the love of god
जयदीपOne who gives us light
नवजोतThe new light, always bright
प्रभदीपThe lamp of god, god’s dear one
प्रभजोतLight of god
प्रकाशOne who radiates the light
जयदीपOne who gives us lightz
रविंदरLord sun
रणबीरThe brave warrior
रणदीपThe lamp (hero) of the battle
रमनजीतVictory of beloved
सतगुणOf true merits
सतगुरTrue guide
सरबजीतAll victorious
सरबदीपAll pervading light.
शमशेरBrave like a lion
सुखदेवGod of peace
सुखचरणPeace attained through guru’s lotus feet
सुखबीरWarrior of peace
सुरिंदरThe king of gods
सुरजीतImmortal, godly person
तरलोचनThree/third dimension
तेगबीरThe brave warrior wielding the sword
तेजिंदरThe glory of the brave one
विक्रमजीतGod of grandeur
यद्बीरVictorious brave
यादविंदरLord, god
यशपालOne who protects the glory

Sikh Girls Name

 नाम मतलब 
अगमजोतGod’s light
अगमप्रीतThe lover of god
अक्षदीपThe lamp of light in the sky
बलविंदरVictorious through strength
बानीGuru’s word
चरणजीतWinning the service of guru’s lotus feet
चरनजोतLight of guru’s feet
चरणप्रीतLove for god’s feet
दलजीतThe conqueror of forces
दिवजोतDivine light
दिलप्रीतOf one’s liking, pleasing to the heart
गगनदीपA lamp in the sky
गगनजोतLight of the sky
गुरजोतGuru light
हरिंदरLord shiva
हरप्रीतBeloved of god
हरजीतGod’s triumph, victor
इंदरप्रीतLove for the god
जसदीपThe lamp radiating god’s glories
कमलजोतOne who, like the lotus is unsoiled
किरतDedicated or honest living by hard work
किरणRay of sunshine
मनदीपLight of sages
मंजीतThe one who controls the mind
निर्मलPure, holy, clear
परमजीतSupremely victorious
प्रभजीतOne who wins the love of god
पुष्पिंदरGod of flowers
रणजोतThe light of the battlefield
सरबजोतAll-pervading light
सरूपBeautiful, shapely
शरणजीतOne who attains the guru’s shelter
सिमरदीपLamp of remembrance of god
सिमरनप्रीतLovingly remembering god
उपकीरतOf exalted glory and praises
वाणीA true voice, guru’s voice

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