Tooth Worm Home Remedies – 6 Effective Measures

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Wounding in a tooth is a very big problem, it is difficult to eat our food if we do not do it at the right time, but we are suffering so much that even when we are in normal condition, it is also very painful. This is because the insects of the teeth have caught the root of our teeth, which also starts swelling in the root. Friends should get rid of these dental worms with the advice of a good doctor at the right time. Friends, you know how big the body is in the tooth, as if we can not see without the eye and without hearing the ears, in that way the tooth is also part of the body, where we can not even think of eating. If your teeth are strong then you can eat some kind of hard nutritious substance which is healthy for the body. Value of teeth can not be made, it is valuable, then take care of your teeth properly and if your teeth have a worm then immediately take the right steps for it. Here we are going to tell you the tips of the tooth worms that are completely ayurvedic which have no side effects and you will get a bigger difference than this and if you do not feel the difference by doing it for a few days, then you must show the doctor.

The cause of worms in tooth

Friends do not necessarily mean that every thing is a pain in the tooth, it means the only insect in the tooth. There are many reasons that may have to deal with the pain of the teeth, which are as follows: –

  • Those who are very fond of sweet and eat more sweet things, they have to face toothache.
  • Taking a much colder or even more hot cheese will cause toothache.
  • The toothache starts with the reduction of vitamin c or vitamin D.
  • Whenever we eat any food, some of its particles remain in our teeth, which later cause the pain in the tooth.
  • If you have cavities in the teeth, then if you drink any beverages, you suddenly start toothache.
  • You have to face toothache even if there is hollowness in the teeth or even the eyeball.
  • Tobacco, pan, betel nut, etc., tend to weaken the teeth, which keeps the risk of developing dental disease, which causes most of the toothache.

Home remedies for tooth worms – Dant keEde ka Garelu Upchar
1. Hing

Hing is also very beneficial to kill the teeth of the teeth, for which you have to boil the powder of the hing of water and boil it completely, let it be a little bit normal and then with this water your teeth curl Do it. If your teeth are hollow and the insects are engaged, then you fill the hollow part of that tooth with a hedge. By taking these measures, all of the worms in your teeth will die and the pain of your teeth will be cured.

2. nutmeg

If you soak the nutmeg oil by roti and apply it to your worm teeth for 15 minutes, then all the worms in your teeth will die and you will not be in danger of losing the teeth even in the future.

3. Neem

The people of the tribe of Neem are coming from ancient times. Neem contains some of the potent substances found in the tooth that contain the accumulated germs and give you healthy teeth. These germs are the cause of worms in your tooth, toothache and toothache. You should clean your granules daily with a neem straw and rub your teeth all around it.

4. Onions

The use of onion seeds is very beneficial for you when your teeth have insects. For that, you should smoke the onion seeds by filling it in a bowl which will destroy all the insects of your teeth.

  • 2-3 finely chop the onions and put them in a small bowl. After this, add some mustard oil to this bowl and keep it in a little flame. Now, place a hole on which you have a hole, put it on the bowl, upside down. After that, put a pipe in the hole of the pot and put it in your mouth. Now the smoke of the onion will begin to move in your mouth and with this onion smoke, all the insects of your teeth will die.
  • Chew the piece of onion on a worn teeth and chewing it, keep the saliva that will form it, keep it on your worm teeth, for some time. This saliva has found properties to kill tooth worms and bacteria.

5. Cloves

Cloves have many benefits. There are many properties of clove in Ayurveda which are beneficial to remove many diseases of the body. It is also explained how to get rid of toothache by cloves in Ayurveda. How to get rid of teeth insects can be found from the clove of letting.

  • Grind 2-3 cloves finely and apply this powder on your teeth that have a worm. Keep your mouth shut for 10 minutes and keep the saliva in your worm teeth, do not spit.
  • You put 2-3 drops of clove oil in worn teeth and keep it in the mouth for some time. This is also able to eliminate the worm of your teeth.
  • Apply cloves oil in cotton, put your worm on the teeth and keep it like this for a long time. If you want, keep it in the mouth throughout the day. All you have to do is keep in mind that you do not spit the saliva of the mouth and bow down. The oil should remain in your worm teeth for as long as possible.

6. Garlic

Garlic is very similar to cloves, which treats many problems in our body. It has many other properties with antibiotic, which removes the worms in the teeth and relieves us of other problems like mouth.

  • Every day, twice a day you will chew 1-2 garlic of garlic and keep the juice released from the worm on the teeth, this saliva kills the teeth of your teeth.
  • In the garlic clove, you can put on your teeth by putting rock salt, which is a very powerful way to kill insects.

To protect the teeth from worms

If you do not have worm in your teeth and you want you to stay away from worms in the tooth or if your teeth are getting more worms then here we are telling you some tips that you can get healthy by adopting in your life. And find healthy teeth.

  • Brush daily
  • To clean the teeth properly, you should clean the teeth to the corners and corners.
  • Use a good toothpaste.
  • To keep your teeth strong and healthy, eat plenty of protein and calcium
  • Tomato consumption also strengthens teeth.
  • You have to stop eating sweet foods.

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