Tips for You ‘How to Make a Girl Say Yes to be Your Girlfriend’

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Friends today is our article “How to propose to the girl that she will do it” Many times you start loving a girl very much in your mind. They can be in your school life or in your college life or in the office. You like him so much that you have his own dreams and on the day he does not see you, your mind becomes restless. You want to propose it too. But you do not have the courage Because there is a dilemma in your mind: –

  • Somewhere they do not refuse me.
  • Somewhere he will not tell his other friends that I have rejected it.
  • Those friends who are our mutual friends, they will not blow my joke.
  • If I did proxy, then he would not let me be helpless.
  • After breaking out, he broke my relationship with me friend only.
  • Do not worry guys. Nothing like this happens. You do not bring negative thoughts about these things in yourself. We will tell you here how you propose to a girl that she will do that. Read the steps given below carefully.

How to propose a girl

1. Let him know that you care for his friendship

You tell him how much you value his friendship and how you feel like spending time with him. Let him realize that I am fully confident on your friendship and that you are also the center of friendship. Tell him also that I can share things with you easily. So much so that I do not accompany anyone else

2. Make friends with her friends

You need to join his friend circle. Whenever her friends plan to move, you also go with them. Talk comfortably to her friends. If you talk to everyone together, then they will all praise you to the girl you love. If any excuse gives you the opportunity to help the girl, then do not lose that chance.

3. Offer to go to Date

You can cure it for a date. If you take him on a holiday the other day, then this is a very good idea. Ask her to go to a Dinner, Movie or any place where you can enjoy it. The way you ask should be perfect. So that she does not feel anything wrong

4. Propose Alone

Whenever you think that you should talk to him today, let him know the heart. Tell you what you feel for him. But it is very important to take care of that to take him to a place where you both are very alone. Take him to a good place. Start with normal things from it. When you feel that the right time has come, then show your love to him. Here are some ways to tell you that you
How to show your love.

  • “I started to like you a lot, at first I used to think you were just friend, but since I have realized this love, my life has changed.”
  • “I like you very much. I feel like you do not feel like I did for anyone before.”
  • “I have enjoyed you since I have seen you, and by making friendship with you, I have known you as much as you are, your heart is even better and truthful than that.

5. Let it take time to think

If you tell him about your feelings then it is not necessary that he will say yes at the same time. You are a very good friend of him and he may be thinking. It is not necessary that they too feel the same for you. So also tell him also that I am not in a hurry. You can make your decision later on.

The things needed to propose a girl

1. You have to advertise love only

There are many boys who are very good at talking and most easily get mixed. At the same time they also feel comfortable talking to those who talk to them and they also like to mix with you. So friends, if you have the same nature, it is a good thing to impress everyone with your words. You like a girl and you want to make her your girlfriend. So do not think that you have already impressed him. Now he will propose himself to you. Everybody wants a girl to do whatever she likes, she herself comes and propose it. It is rarely seen that girls propose to the boys. Do not be afraid of this misconception Otherwise, take him away from someone else because of a delay.

2. Have Courage

If you love a girl with a heartbeat then what is the point of fear in it? Make a wish for you to do something that you love. If you have the right way to do your love, then the girl will never be able to refuse you.

3. Do not rush

Whenever you meet him, try to be frank with him. You can gradually deepen your friendship. See the time and start touching. But this should not be a wrong touch. Give praise to her perfume or you can also say it in a funny way that nowadays you are getting increasingly frank or you can say that nowadays you have become very good looking. The more you like it, the more you like it. But do not show that you like it. Wait for the right time to arrive. If you try to go much further in a hurry, then you will doubt it.

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