The Perfect Method of doing Staff Pose and it’s Benefits

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Hello Friends, the name of the yoga that we have brought to you today is Dandasana. If our body is strong we look more attractive than others. Yoga gives our body strong, strength and beauty. Dandasana is also a posture. By making regular exercise of this posture, your hips make pelvis flexible. Dandasana is derived from the Sanskrit language. It is made up of two pairs of words. Danda i.e. Danda, which means a rod, while asana means money. By doing this asana, the digestion system is also improved. In this article we have come up with the method of Dandasana and its benefits. At the same time, we should keep the precautions while doing Dandasana and also sharing the video of Dandasana is sharing with you all.

How to punish

  • First of all look for a flat spot and lay a valley or blanket on it.
  • Now sit on it
  • Keep both of your legs forward and straight forward
  • Keep your waist too straightforward.
  • Keep both hands on the ground.
  • Keep it in this position for a while now.
  • After some time do it again with a little rest.

Advantages of Punishment

  • By doing daily practice this posture muscles become stronger.
    The shoulder gets strength.
    Spine related illnesses get relief.
    Fixes digestion system.
    Body’s posture is improved.

Precautions for Dandasan

  • This seat should be done in an open and ventilated place.
    High Blood Pressure patient do not do it.
    Avoid doing this yoga if there is a serious injury to your back, wrist or any other place.
    If you are brand new, do it only under the supervision of a good trainer of yoga.

Dandasana Video

For ‘Dandasan’ you have to watch the video given below. This will make it easier for you to do this asana. This video is not ours. This video from Youtube has been taken just for the guidance of people.

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