The Correct Method of doing ‘Shoulder Press Pose Yoga’

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Hello Friends, We are very pleased to know that you are very much like the our articles of yoga. We are getting many comments and emails from you. Today we are going to share Shoulder Press Pose with you which is also called Arm Pressing Posture. This asana is the best asana for the strength of arms. This yoga should be done in the instructions of any yoga master who is an expert in it. In the beginning it will seem little-bit difficult but gradually it becomes easy with practice.

Shoulder Press Pose Yoga, Arm Press Pose Yoga

Shoulder Press Pose Steps

  • Make your both hands forward, feet backwards and raise the hips up and up.
  • Now bend your knees, take a long leap and bring both of your legs in front of your hands.
  • Take the shoulder of your both hands down from your knees.
  • And put the palms of your hands on the lower ground.
  • Now lower your hips a bit.
  • After this, bring your entire body weight to your palms.
  • Now make cross by adding both legs together.
  • Now slowly move your legs back and touch your head on the ground.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and then relax a bit and do it again.

Shoulder Press Pose Benefits

  • Gives power to our arms and wrists.
  • Belly controls fat.
  • Body balances improves.
  • Makes the body flexible
  • Makes bones strong and increase strength.

Shoulder Press Pose Precautions

  • Do not do this posture in shoulder, elbow, wrist and low back injuries.
  • If you are having difficulty in doing leave to do it.
  • If you are suffering from some type of serious illness then do it after consulting the doctor.

Shoulder Press Pose Video

You can also do ‘Shoulder Press Pose’ by watching this video. In which you will find it easier to do this asana. Observe the video carefully and follow the given steps.

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