Steps to do Cow Face Pose Yoga

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Hello Friends, Today’s blog is’ Gomukhasana Kaise Kare Or Fayde | Cow Face Pose ‘. In this article, we will tell you the complete method, benefits and precautions to do this easy. We will also share this easy video with you. We sincerely hope that you will like our blog today.

Gomukshan is known in English language as the Cow Face Pose. While doing Gomukshasan your body is shaped like a cow’s face, hence its name has been named Gomukshasan. Women of this easy lot benefit. Regular exercise of this easy get rid of diseases such as spine pain, shoulder pain, digestion problem. It is very beneficial for women who have been breast-fed for some reason. By doing this, the beauty of women also increases. Human beings with any body structure can do this easy.

How to do cow’s goose

  • Spread your two legs forward.
    Now bend your left leg.
    And bend your right leg and bring your left leg up.
    Now move your left hand behind your back.
    And now take your right hand back from your shoulder to the back.
    After this, hold the fingers of both your hands behind the back.
    Do your chest and face upwards.
    Stay in this situation for a while.
    Then open the lock of your hands.
    Now, let’s do the same process by changing legs and hands.

Benefits of cow dung

  • With this easy makes our body flexible and attractive.
    Spine pain, shoulder pain, Piles, Digestion problem, rid of diseases.
    Our lungs cleans the holes.
    With this our body weight is also loose.
    It is very easy to use Mahilayo’s breast enhancement.

Precautions for Gomukhsana

  • Avoid this easy if there is pain or injury of Spine, Shoulder, Neck, Knee.
    If you can not do this easy at the beginning, then do not force them.
    Even if you are sick, you should not do this easy too.

Gourmash Video

Friends, here we have brought a video of how to do cow dung with you. You can easily make it easy by looking at it. We have shared 2 videos with you today. In the earlier video, you will know what to expect in front and how to do it in the second video. This video is not our own, we have taken this video from youtube for reference only.

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