Short and Long Essay on Independence Day in English

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Independence Day is a special day for all Indians, because on this day India got independence from the British State after years of slavery. On this occasion of Independence Day, in today’s chapter we are presenting this historic day through an essay for our present and future generations so that they can understand the significance of this day well.

Independence Day Essay

Independence Day Essay

1. Independence Day Essay (100 words)

August 15, 1947, was a shocking day in Indian history when Indian freedom fighters foreshadowed everything and liberated India from the clutches of the British. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Azad was the first Prime Minister of India who had first hoisted the National Flag in the Red Fort of New Delhi’s capital, New Delhi. Today every Indian celebrates this special day as a celebration and takes part in the Independence Day Conference.

2. Essay on Independence Day in Hindi 150 Words

August 15, 1947, is a very special day because on this day India got independence from British slavery. That is why this day is celebrated with great joy in entire India. This program is organized on national star in Delhi. In this program, the flag is flagged by the Prime Minister of India on the Red Fort and millions of people participate in this program with big leaders and the general public.

After hoisting the flag on the Red Fort, Prime Minister addresses the people of the country by speech. Later, the strength of the three armies of India is demonstrated in which different types of weapons are also presented. At the same time, a number of picnics are also offered in which papers related to art, culture and education are displayed.

This celebration is celebrated very well with all the schools, colleges and other places of the country. On this day, we remember the great celebrities of India who made their significant contribution in liberating India.

3. 200 Words on Independence Day

People of all religions celebrate Independence Day in India with great enthusiasm. Our country was liberated on August 15, 1947. India got independence from the rule of the British after about 200 years. Since then, Independence Day is celebrated every year throughout India.

This day was declared as a national holiday and all schools, colleges, offices were closed on this day. On this day all the schools, colleges and educational institutions are celebrated with full enthusiasm by the students and the children increase and participate in it. Prior to making this program in the educational institution, flagging is done by the chief guest or the Principal of the school, along with the national anthem all sing together. Later this day is made special by various programs.

On the special occasion of Independence Day, the Rajpath of the Indian capital Delhi is celebrated as a festival by the Indian government. In which people associated with every religion and culture hear the Prime Minister’s speech with a patriotic heart. At the same time, we also remember those great patriots whose patriotism and sacrifice have given us the freedom.

4. Essay on 300 words on Independence Day

On August 15, 1947, the Independence Day is celebrated in memory of the freedom that India received from the British Empire. On this day, those great people are given the Shradangali, under whose leadership India has achieved independence. On August 15, everybody celebrates in their own style. Some people fill their mind with patriotism by listening to patriotic songs, then seeing patriotic films, they remember those moments when we got independence after millions of sacrifices. There are some people who feel proud about taking part in the events that will take place during Independence Day.

After the independence of 15 August 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India who hoisted the tricolor on the Red Fort and reorganized the Indians. Other Prime Ministers of India continued to follow this tradition, celebrating flag-breaking parades and cultural events every year. On this festival, many people show their love towards their country by placing a tricolor flag on their clothes, houses and vehicles. Nehru ji announced India’s independence with his speech “Trish Weid Destiny” on 15th August, 1947 midnight and in his speech also said that after years of slavery, this is the time when we will fulfill our resolve and Will end the misfortune.

In India, people of different religions, traditions and culture live together and celebrate all the Independence Day celebrations with great enthusiasm. It should be very proud for us to be a true Indian on this occasion and it should be promised that we will always be a true patriot and protect our motherland from all kinds of attacks and insults.

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