She Still Loves her Ex Boyfriend

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Many times a girl could not forget her ex quickly. It may be with you that your girlfriend or wife has the relation with which the boy they are with can not forget him. This is not so easy for girls. By which she has found so much affection, she can not forget him completely. In such a situation, you should work with patience. Do not take the wrong steps in any hurricane.

You should treat him well. Talk to him with love. Your partner should feel that he is safe with you and with a better person. Here we are sharing some signs with you in this article from which you can know whether your partner has forgotten his ex or not.

1. Lives alone

She stays away from you and cares for you that you have to go a little less in front of you. He is with you physically. He is giving you physical pleasure but his heart is different. She is not emotionally with you. He is always looking at the sky and keeps on thinking deeply. It means that he still has not forgotten his ex and keeps thinking about that day and night.

2. Ex contact

Whenever you check your partner’s phone and you get the number of his ex in it You get a little angry and you ask him to delete the number but he gets annoyed and does not want to delete the number and still likes to be in touch with him. This is the biggest sign that he has not forgotten his ex completely.

3. It is exited by seeing it

You have ever taken your partner to roam and suddenly your partner is very happy to see your ex. She starts talking to her and she is kidding her with a lot of laughter. You will feel a bit different about body language and talk like they do not talk to anyone else like this. You may find this common thing but it can also be an indication.

4. Do not like touching you

Whenever you are in the mood of s * x and he tries to touch it with the intention of s * x, he pushes you away by pushing it away. He is not ready to make a physical relationship with you mentally. This may be one of the biggest reasons that he still has not forgotten his old lover’s wish. But you do not need to worry. You just give some time and by the time, gradually they will start coming out of their old memories and forget about their past.

5. Comparison Yours

Many times he will compare you with his ex, how he is perfect in everything from you. You have to work peacefully instead of getting angry. You have to talk to him openly. And you have to know what is going on in her mind. He will have to give more time so that he can forget his ex.

6. lives in anger

It can happen that they often tease you and talk only in anger. Whenever you do any work, you keep looking for mistakes and scolding you for everything. It may mean that he still has not forgotten his ex completely and has not fully accepted you. You do not have to do anything more. It is just a matter of getting started in the beginning, just give some time to your relation. Only by giving him more time can you make room in his heart.

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