‘Pregnancy Diet Chart’ Must Read If you are Pregnant

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If you are pregnant then you must know which diet is right for pregnant women for the full development of your child. You should take such food that is full of nutrition. Pregnant women require more calories than other normal women. The growth of the child is entirely dependent on its mother’s dose. If the mother is eating good food then the child’s development will be good both physically and mentally. What are some things you need to take in pregnancy, it is necessary to be fully aware of it. If you keep this in mind from the very first days, then you will get many benefits in the future. Pregnancy Both the woman and her husband should go to the hospital and know about what diet should take till delivery. In today’s article, we are going to tell you what diet should you take during your pregnancy.

What should a pregnant woman eat?

1. Water: Drinking more water is very good for humans, but its benefits for the pregnant woman are doubled. Because drinking more water cleans your blood so that the child is not prone to illness and he is healthy.

2. Apple: It’s great for you to eat apples. Every doctor believes that this disease, which also consumes 1 apple per day, does not seem to be so frequent. Therefore, if the pregnant lady eats 2 apples in a day, then she will get a healthy baby.

3. Orange: If a pregnant woman is eating 2 oranges sitting in the sun, she gets a very beautiful baby.

4. Green vegetables: Consume green vegetables as much as possible. Make green vegetables in the food as well as salads as well as green things such as cucumber, cabbage, cucumber and also together with onion and tomatoes. Green vegetables are considered good for people of all classes. By which you and your child will have many advantages

Pregnancy Diet Plan

1. Calcium: Calcium is very important for our body so that the bones of our body are strong. So that you do not face much trouble during delivery and you do normal delivery. You must drink at least 2 glasses of milk daily in order to increase the amount of calcium. You can also consume yogurt, greens, oats and almonds to cure calcium, which are rich in calcium content.

2. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are very important for your body, which you get from eating potatoes and rice. But also keep in mind that their quantity should not start even more so that you become more preoccupied with obesity.

3. Iodine: An adequate intake of salt containing iodine keeps your baby healthy. The lack of iodine can lead to physical disabilities or mental illness. So put enough Iodine salt in your food intake in pregnancy.

4. Protein: Eating foods containing proteins are very beneficial for us. But if you are pregnant then it becomes very necessary for you. By taking the correct amount of protein, the breasts of the woman develop and develop their uterus also. Most proteins are found in eggs, dry fruits, soybean, cottage cheese and boiled gram.

5. Iron: Iron pills fulfill the lack of blood, you can begin the treatment of iron by consulting your doctor. Eat fish, egg yolk, berries, soya bean, lentil pulses and lard of fennel iron.

Do not eat in pregnancy

In pregnancy, you have to think everything in mind. You can not relax at all Avoid things as much as you can. Your home’s food is the best one in which you know that you have made it with the care of complete cleanliness. If you can not take such a surety in things of the past. So let us know which is the food which you have to avoid in these days.

  1. Close the tea and coffee: Many people are very used to drinking tea or coffee. This habit makes them addictive and they drink tea or coffee 2-3 or more times a day. If you are too much of your intake then you have to say with great sorrow that you have to leave this.
  2. Wash and eat fruits and vegetables: If you are eating any fruit or vegetables, keep in mind that they should wash 2-3 times with water well before consuming them. It is necessary to do this because the fruits and vegetables live in the fields, then the germs are kept in it. But when they go to the vegetable market. So the condition that they have landed and offered to them is similar to inviting germs. And it is known to everyone that in order to protect the trees from insects, pesticide medicines are sprayed on them.
  3. Do not eat raw and unhygienic: Never eat raw and unhygienic food, it is not good for anyone. But if you have a child in your lap that means that you are going to be a mother, then you have to follow this very strictly. This is beneficial for both you and your children.
  4. Avoid eating papaya: If you want to eat the fruit then it is great but remember this, these days, you do not consume papaya. Papaya tasira is warm, whose child can have side effects and chances of abortion also increase.
  5. Close the consumption of sea foods: Some people are very fond of eating marine organisms. It is also very good for our body because omega-3 fatty acid has a good amount of oceanic organisms. But there are some such marine creatures like kinkara, shark and salmon fish in which mercury is very high, which is not good for your child’s mind. So it is good for you to maintain proper distance from sea food.
  6. Abstain from alcohol and smoking: Never drink alcohol and cigarettes in pregnancy days. You keep yourself away from these addictions. If you are not able to stop eating these things, then it can also cause your miscarriage. Therefore it is wise to stop eating them during the time.
  7. Take medicines only on the advice of the doctor on the disease: Friends have seen that women often suffer from any type of pain, pain killer, or any of the diseases that are common in the home, which are lying on the house. But if you are pregnant, then your responsibility increases because you have little life in your stomach. Every medicine has its own power which you will tolerate but your child will not be able to bear it. Therefore, take advice from a good doctor before taking any medicines in these days.

Pregnancy Diet Chart

1. Avoid eating more pungent and spicy food

No one can deny that women have a habit of eating pungent and spicy dishes and seeing them water comes in their mouth and they can not stop themselves. But in this pregnancy, you have to take full care of this thing and you will have to avoid more tart and spicy things.

2. Stay awake for a while

A pregnant woman needs some food after every 1 or 2 hours. Even if you do not even mind, it is also necessary to have 3 meals a day. Do not be hungry in your pregnancy. This is not good for your child. Never go to a place where there is no time to get food or food. Especially if you are worshiping someone’s home, avoid it because you will be busy listening to the story with everyone and you will not be able to take food even after you have finished without worship.

3. Keep checking with the doctor on time

Keep checking your doctor on time and if he asks to start some medicines or some diet, then follow him immediately.

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