Practice ‘Lolasan’ Daily to Increase Biceps Size

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Hello Friends, Today we have brought you a yoga practice to improve Biceps. We sincerely hope that you will like this blog very much. Lolassen (Pendant Pose) is great for improving biceps. Some beginners do not like to do Lolasan because the strength of the arm should be very good to do it. But do not worry, after doing a good practice it will be easy to do this posture. If you want to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles then you should do lolasana. This seat is also very beneficial to strengthen hands, wrists and chest. By doing this, your body is tight and muscles are also improved.

How to lolasana

  • First sit down and sit on it.
    Now fold your two legs backwards.
    Remember that your foot should be on the side of your hips.
    Now keep both of your hands on the ground and now lift your whole body up on their strength.
    The position of your hands should be straightforward.
    Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds.
    Now come back to your normal position.

Benefits of Lolassen

  • This posture strengthens the hand, wrist and chest.
    With this posture, biceps get power and biceps increase.
    It gives strength to the shoulder and back muscles.
    With this, vibrations of hands work and heart gets power.
    Lolasan gets the muscles strong and the body remains fit.

Precautions for Lolasson

  • Neck problems are also harmful in this posture.
    If your wrist has injuries, then you do not do this posture.
    If you have pain in your shoulder then this seat should not be done.
    Even patients with high blood pressure should not do this asana.
    If you have eaten more food before this posture, then you may be in trouble in this seat.
    Always do this posture in the care of a trainer.

Lolasan Video

You can also do this yoga by watching this video. In our every yoga, we try to ensure that we provide you the video so that you do not have the chance of any kind of mistake doing yoga. So where you do not understand the steps of our articles, you can easily follow this video and follow it.

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