Practice Kurmasana daily to Get Relief from Back Pain – Tortoise Pose

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Hi Friends, Today we have come up with articles for those friends who are very upset due to the pain of spine. Kurmasan is very beneficial for those people. The Cromation is also known as Tortoise Pose. The name of the kurmason is taken from a beast because it is shaped like the shape of the tortoise. Kurmasan is composed of two words of Sanskrit words. Kuram and Asana Trim means “tortoise” and seating means “pose”. In its final position, this seat takes the shape of the tortoise. This posture is good for all muscles of the stomach and it is also very effective in removing belly fat. This posture is also very good for people with diabetes.

How to do a crush

  • First of all sit in the middle of the valley.
  • Now sit and sit on your legs.
  • Now raise your feet slightly up and raise your knees slightly.
  • Turn your body forward and bowl forward.
  • Straighten the two hands from the bottom of the feet to the back of your body and touch the palm land.
  • Now try to straighten your legs as much as possible and tilt your body forward and do as much as possible. If possible try to touch your chin land.
  • Stay in this position for some time now.
  • Now come back to normal position again and repeat again.

Benefits of the Cromation

  • Kurmasan removes spine pain by giving strength to your spine.
  • removes back and neck pain.
  • It is very good for the abdominal organs.
  • It is good in the flexibility of yoga hips.
  • Calms Mind.
  • This posture is also good for reducing belly fat.
  • For those who have diabetes and constipation, this posture is similar to boon.

Precautions for the Cromson

  • Whenever you do asana, do your limitations accordingly.
  • If you have a spine injury or some other spine problem then do it only by consulting the doctor.
  • If you feel pain while doing this asana, stop the asana and rest a bit.
  • Do not post this in Periods or pregnancy.
  • This should not be done even if there is a disk problem.

Kurmason Video

Here we are sharing video with you to do kurmasan. We have taken this video from youtube so that you can easily convert Krusson to the video.

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