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Pawanmuktasan is called Gas Release Pose in English. As you all know through its name, or asana removes the air disorder. Pawanmuktasana is composed of three words of Sanskrit. ‘Pawan’ means ‘air’, ‘free’ means ‘leave’ and ‘asana’ means ‘status’. By doing this easy solution to constipation and gas problems of our stomach. Because of the gas, the air (gas) gathered in our stomach easily comes out.

How to do pavanamuktan

  • First, take the mat on the ground.
  • Now sit on the back of him.
  • After this, lift your legs together and together.
  • Grab your two legs with your hands.
  • And take your head as far as possible, in between your knees.
  • Now stay in the same position as 20-30 second or according to their capacity.
  • And then take this process again with a little rest.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasan

  • This posture gives strength to the muscles of the stomach and back.
  • Makes muslces of our hands and feet strong.
  • Massages the stomach and parts of the stomach.
  • Removes stomach air and strengthens our digestive power.
  • Digestion helps in digesting power and makes digestion.

Pawanmuktasan Precautions

  • If you have high blood pressure, hernia disease, then do not do this posture.
  • Menstruation and pregnancy should also avoid this posture.
  • Neck and spine are not suitable for pain or injury in this posture.

Pawanmuktasan’s Video

Here we are sharing the video of Pawan Muktan with you. This video is not ours but it is taken from youtube for reference. The matlab of sharing our video with you is that you should not do wrong steps due to lack of accurate knowledge in which you have some side-effect in future.

How are you friends, today we came to you with the right method of doing Pawanmuktan and what are the advantages of doing this to our body. I sincerely hope that you would like our article today very well. Stay with us. We will bring many more articles about your health in the future.

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