Now its Easy for Everyone to Know How to Increase Hunger

Lack of appetite today has become a very big time. Friends, we are often so tired of our whole life in a fortunate lifetime that we can not pay attention to our food on time and it is possible that we also have to give up one meal in a day and this habit of daily use It does not seem that the less our hunger has decreased. Eating a lot of food and on time is very important to us. If we do not eat a lot of food then our body can not get the nutrients properly that is necessary for us, which results in our weight decreasing and our bodies start to surround various kinds of diseases. Often people eat out excess junk food, which can also reduce appetite. Friends In today’s article we will tell you some home remedies how you can increase your hunger.

Now its Easy for Everyone to Know How to Increase Hunger

Due to not growing hunger

Friends, if you want to increase your appetite, then it is important to know beforehand that why hunger is less. There can be many reasons for this, and the most likely cause can be to suffer from any illness.

  • To be constricted
  • Mess of digestive system
  • Not choosing the right food
  • Gasify
  • Do not do some heavy work throughout the day
  • Over stress

Home remedies to increase appetite

1. Keep away from Junk Food

More junk food is not good for eating health. Those who are dependent on more fast food, their appetite is reduced, but also many dangerous diseases have to be faced in the future.

2. Do not drink water after meals

If you have a habit of drinking water immediately after meals, then change it. Because doing this causes constipation in the stomach and the food does not digest properly and also suppresses our hunger. Doctors say that we should drink whole water after 1 hour and 1 hour after eating food. . If you eat more cough or more chili while eating, then you can drink 1-2 chips of water.

3. Amla

Mix two spoons of amla juice, 2 spoons lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of honey in 1 cup water, and mix them well, then take it again. You should do this measure in the morning. By doing this for 90 days daily, you will get a lot of benefits.

4. Ginger

  • Cut off half of the ginger finely and put a little bit of salt on it. You should eat it daily for 15 minutes before eating it, which will make you feel hungry for just 15 days.
  • If you want to make tea, you can also drink tea by putting ginger in it, so that all the qualities of ginger comes through the juice of tea.

5. Triphala powder

If you are not feeling hungry due to constipation, it is the biggest treatment of Triphala powder. Take triphala powder with light hot water or light hot milk, so that your constipation will be removed and appetite will increase.

6. Water in copper vessel

Before you sleep at night, keep the water in a pot of copper and drink it first before rising in the morning. Doing this will give you relief in stomach-related illnesses and your hunger also increases.

7. Cardamom

Small cardamom is great for digesting your food. Thereby, you get rid of various types of stomach diseases such as indigestion, gas, loss of appetite, etc.
You can use it by grinding cardamom granules in tea.
Or even after eating, you keep chewing 2 small cardamom in the mouth. You do not have to eat it at all.

8. Mint

Peppermint is very beneficial to increase appetite. You must take the mint chutney with food. Or you can put two teaspoons of mint juice and 1 glass of water in lukewarm water. This will clear your stomach completely and you will start to feel more hungry than before. But this measure will have to be done daily for 30 days and the difference will start to appear in just 1 week.

9. Garlic

Boil 4-5 buds of garlic well in 1 cup water. Now filter it and squeeze half a lemon into it and drink it now. If you do this measure twice daily, you will start seeing your hunger.

10. Black salt and cumin powder

Drying white salt, black salt and cumin powder in lassi (buttermilk), consuming it daily intensifies appetite.

11. Long, tamarind, black pepper

Mix 4-5 granules, cooked tamarind anal, cinnamon and black pepper together. Now boil 1 glass of water in a fine flame. When the water is boiled, add that mixture to this water. Take it daily.

12. Coriander

Remove the juice of coriander leaves and drink it two teaspoons daily. You will have to do this until your hunger is increased again. You can also add lemon juice and salt to enhance its taste, which will make it delicious in the drink.

13. Turmeric powder

Ovary powders are considered to be the most effective to increase appetite. For this you take a little oven and grind it well and make the powder. Now add black salt in this finely grounded oven and eat it a little after 1-2 hours in the day. So that your hunger will be fully opened.

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