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Becoming a mother is very happy for any woman. But after becoming a mother, it is very difficult to handle the child. A newborn baby needs a lot of care. You can not even lift your eyes for a minute. Young children also need a lot of affection as well as care. After having a baby in her womb for 9 months, when a woman gives birth to her, then there is no laxity in her life, and the woman is also worried about the care of her child. When there is a child for the first time in anybody’s house then they fear that how to raise the child in the lap, how to take a shower, how to milk him, how to silent the cry, and how to make him sleep. If you have just born a small guest in your house then you should also know these things as to how to properly care for your child. In today’s article we are going to tell you the steps that you will be able to care for your child properly.

Things to do before catching a newborn baby

If you have just born a newborn baby in your home then it is most important for you to know how to care for her. Because if you relax a little bit then you may have to take serious consequences.

  • If you have done any kind of work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching the newborn. This reduces the fear of infection to the child.
  • The baby’s neck should be comfortably and catchy because the newborn baby’s neck is very fragile and it is not fully developed. Therefore, you must give support to your neck by raising your child in the arms or keeping his neck.
  • Never try to laugh at the child with your lap loudly, do not rotate or try to laugh at it, because all these activities can be dangerous for him. Whereby her 4 There may be an impact on blood sugar or on the brain. Because this can be just a game for you, but the limbs of the newborn are very fragile and they can not cope with these shocks.
  • The child should not run a fan faster while sleeping, this can cause problems for the child to breathe.

How to nurture a newborn baby

Keeping your child in love and affection becomes the first task of every mother. Mother should keep her newborn baby attached to her cinematography. All you need to know yourself should be yourself. He can not tell about his own needs.

  1. The child should massage with oil daily and massage should be done with love, not much loud.
  2. You can hear a little baby loti by listening to it or stirring it with its heart. You can apply some ring bell or even small bells in its swing to enjoy its heart. So that the bells kept ringing in the light of the swing and kept the child entertained.
  3. There are some children who do not like much noise and they can not sleep properly. Because of which they become irritated later.
  4. After the birth of the baby, it should be wrapped in a cloth for a few days. You will tell about your nurses or someone who is a big member in the house.

Diaper Change Tips

  1. You can use clothes or disposable diapers for the baby. Keep this thing in mind that checking from time to time that the child has not done piss or potty. If done, then change the diaper immediately.
  2. Before you change the diaper, the baby should be cleaned well from the back. Use normal water for this. If there is a winter time, then be sure to lick the water lightly.
  3. For this, you clean the baby by swallowing Rui with lukewarm water and after wiping, you clean it with some clean and dry cloth.
  4. Now let’s wear a new diaper by putting diaper ointment on the child’s skin. Diaper ointment is very important, which prevents children from having rashes on skin.
  5. If you are wearing diaper ointment, even if your child’s rashes are not happening then you should have to check with the nearest doctor.

Keeping the Baby’s Baby Follower Time

  1. A newborn baby sleeps for at least 15 hours in a day. He does not sleep for 15 hours continuously, but he sleeps and sleeps in 3-4 hours.
  2. Children would know nothing of day and night. Therefore, most children sleep in the day and wake up at night.
  3. Do not leave any high things or things under the child’s head, then it can be a problem.
  4. Keep changing the position of the baby’s gold after a short period of time. Left to right which is very good.
  5. The children’s sleeping room kept coming clean air. Do not leave the child in a closed room.

To protect against diseases, keep the baby vaccinated on time

  1. Immediately after birth, infant need to get polio medicine, BCG and hepatitis vaccine.
  2. The child should wear the entire clothes and keep it near the mother so that he gets heat from his body.
  3. In the hospital, however, mother is given all necessary information about child care. But if you do not get the information, then the mother should take the information about it with the doctors.
  4. If your child is born unhealthy at birth, then keep him in the doctor’s custody. And if the child is at home, then take full care of the room temperature, not too low or too high. Because in the hospital, nurse and doctors are there to guide you but at home you make some mistakes.

Mother’s milk is the most beneficial

  1. The most beneficial mother’s milk is for the newborn because there is no tincture of mother’s milk and many nutritional elements are also included in it.
  2. Breast feeding gives the child the inner strength and also the strength to fight with many diseases. By drinking the right amount of it, the child is strong and healthy and the mother’s milk increases the immune system’s resistance.
  3. For 6 months of delivery, the mother should take special care of her diet because in these days the mother’s food affects the health of the child very much. A child who consumes a mother’s milk every day, gets rid of normal diseases such as colds, fever, but there is no danger of major diseases such as asthma infection.
  4. After 6 months, you get the external food too small for the baby because more solid food can spoil the stomach of the child, which becomes difficult for him to digest. So you can give it to Seralek, which should be given to the child only by mashing well. At some intervals, this will give the child enough nutrients for the development of the body. With the mother’s milk, the baby can give cereal.

Pay attention to the good

Children’s skin and body are very delicate so you need to pay a lot of attention to it. Children’s skin is very sensitive so you should take full care of cleaning around you. It is very important for the mother and the child to take a daily routine. While bathing the baby, do a good cleaning at the bottom of the waist, back parts, mouth, neck etc. Clear the baby’s eyes too. You must ask your doctors if you should use soap to take care of the newborn or not, or what soap should be used.

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