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If seen, then why is man earning just to meet some of his needs in which the most important is roti, cloth and house. But in the greed of earning more money, the person has become so busy that he knows about buying his house and clothes, but he has forgotten about nutritious food in a way. Nowadays, people have just meant to fill the stomach. They do not have any information about what a healthy diet is. This is the reason that today’s generation gets tired very quickly and suffers from some disease. Many elderly people here also advise that we should eat food, not with spoon but with hands.

If you want to be healthy, then it is very important for you to eat a healthy diet. This is not so difficult. All you have to do is increase your information about healthy foods. You may also have to compromise your taste for this. From the taste here we do not mean that healthy food is not tasty. Rather, we mean to say that some people have got used to eating bargers such as burgers, hot dogs, spring rolls, noodles, and our gesture is towards such people that you have to stop eating these oily foods. Let us know what we should do to eat healthy food.

The right way to eat

1. Choosing the Right Food

Eat easily digestible food. Sugar and flour are such carbohydrate that can be easily digested. High vitamins are found in complex carbohydrate such as grain flour, vegetables, brown rice. Green vegetables are also good for health, which have many nutritional elements. If you take off cabbage, cucumber, cucumber, carrot, radish as a salad, they are very festive. Many people, who have to lose weight, take the green vegetables salad as food, and this does not bring any weakness in the body. If you eat brown bread in exchange for white bread, it would also be great.

2. Chew the food slowly and eat

Many times when we eat food then we feel good at that time. But within 10 minutes, our stomach seems to us like a burst. This is because it takes a little longer to reach the message from our stomach to the brain. So you should eat as much food as you think it is enough. Whenever you put a bowl of food in your moha, it should chew at least 20-25 times properly. Use only 1 glass of water for a full meal of one time. It is not okay to drink more water than this.

3. Eat enough food

You must take special care when you eat food that you do not eat enough for the gourmet meal or if it is not good for you. Anything is good in Limit, in the same way if food is done in the Limit then it is better for our body. More than necessary, our body does not know which can lead to coughing, eating food, or having diseases like obesity. By eating more food, the person remains idle and sleepy, he does not do any of his work with complete concentration. So eat enough food so that you stay intact.

Healthy Diet Tips in Hindi

1. Take Good Fat

Your body needs fat very much if you want to keep your body smoothly but we want to tell you here that the difference between good fat and bad fat is understandable. You have to avoid bad fat and have a good fat habit. junk food such as burgers, noodles, momos, samosas, pizzas Keep yourself as close as possible from all these things as they fall into bad fat, which harm our body from outside, making us fat but also giving many diseases to our body from inside. Good use of fat products like milk, butter, desi ghee, milking etc.

2. Mix food

Instead of eating the same kind of food you should eat different food items. Eating the same food not only makes the food boring but also reduces our body’s minerals. Because our body needs a little bit of all the minerals. Mixing food fulfills the lack of minerals and vitamins in your body.

3. Drink more water

Drinking water is very beneficial for our body. If you want to stay healthy you should drink water for at least 2 to 3 liters in 1 day. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should drink half or 1 liter of water first. So that your stomach is very clean. If you keep drinking water repeatedly throughout the day, the experience of hunger will also be reduced so that your habit of eating some or other times will also be cured. Always keep an eye on one thing, it is only right to drink 1 hour before eating and after drinking 1 hour after eating it.

4. Say goodbye to Soft Drinks and Chocolate

You have to stop yourself from drinking more sweet things such as drinking soft drinks and energy drinks. Drinking more soft drinks only increases the amount of calories in our body. As a result, sugar syndrome and many other types of diseases surrounding our body. Chocolate food is also not good for health. In them too, the amount of calories is found in very high quantities. Yes, if you ever want to eat or drink these things, it is okay but everyday habit is not good.

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