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Hello friends, how are you all? I am sure you will like our articles. We try our best to give you as much information as possible in your article, as well as point to point. Friends thank you for your previous article “How to Increase the Will of How to Increase Libido”. The article that we have come to you today is the most important article so far, whose title is “How to Protect Yourself from HIV Aids Infection – HIV Aids Precautions” Friends Aids is a very dangerous disease that has not yet been cured that it can be cured. At the beginning of getting AIDs the virus of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) starts growing in our body. Although medicines are available in the market but it does not cure it for ever. As long as you take the medicine, you will be fine. You have to be on life medicine. It is therefore better that you already have the remedy to avoid this disease. If you want to avoid the infection of HIV, then we will carefully read these points, sharing the necessary points with you. (HIV AIDS Sankarman Se Khud Ko Kaise Bachaye)

How to Avoid HIV

1. Get Your STDs and STIs To Be Conducted

You should have your STD and STI test done on time. If these infections are found in you, then it can cause a lot of damage. It reduces your body’s ability to fight diseases. So that you get caught early on in the face of any such move in the interest of HIV patients. To avoid this, get the right advice from your doctor and get treatment for it at the right time.

2. Checkup instantly if S*x is done without security

If you think that you have s * x without security and now you are regretting it. At the same time, you do not believe in your partner that there are physical relations with others too, so in this case you have the only solution that is PEP whose full name is post-exposure prophylaxis. You have 72 hours in which you can get your treatment. If it is more than 55 hours, the chances of its cure become slightly less.

3. Use any type of glitter for S*x

Using Smoothie can help you control HIV. Now you must be wondering how it works. Actually, when you are using condom, there is a lot of chance that somewhere the condom will not burst in the middle. So if you use any such flavor, then the chance of bursting of condom becomes equal. If you do anal sex (an * als * x), then your weight increases even more because friction is more because of anal * s * x because the anus is more tight than the vagina. So you need the use of lubricant in the condom.

4. S*x Toy can also be transition

If you use s * x toys, then keep in mind that they must regularly clean up their cleaning. Whenever you put them in your anus or vagina then clean them clearly. Before using these toys, you must put condom on them. Because by this you can save yourself from HIV.

AIDS Avoidance Treatment

1. Keep the time of S * x precautions

If you are not married now, then try to save your virginity. If you still have to s * x with someone, then you must be careful that the use of condom is very important to you. Both female condoms and male condoms are available in the shop. You can use whatever you like. With which you want to s * x know well and if possible, s * x with the same, with which you can get married in future. Do not repeat partner change time to pass. It can increase the chance of infection in you.

2. How to prevent infection with blood

If you are taking someone’s blood or giving blood to someone, then always keep in mind that you should get fresh needle. HIV can also lead to HIV infection. Whenever you donate blood, always keep in mind that always use new needles. By the way, when you donate blood, there are already experts, who have complete awareness. Increased chance of infection with more blood increases when you take injection on your own. This happens when people use another used needle to make intoxication.

3. Prevent infection from mother to baby

HIV can be from a mother to a child. If a woman has HIV, then this infection is likely to have her newborn baby. If you are suffering from HIV and are also pregnant, then for the first time your child does not have any concretion, you have to first avoid unwanted pregnancy for which you can use contraception pills or condom. In pregnancy it is important to give antiretroviral medicines to the mother so that the child is at risk of getting infection. If possible, the child should be born with a C-section. If possible, the child should not be breastfed for his mother.

4. Avoid the body fluids of others

You may know many people but it is very difficult to know who among them is suffering from HIV. Not everyone checks their body, so we do not know who is infected with it. That’s why the best way for you to do is to stay away from the fluids coming out of the body of others as much as possible, including semen, semen fluid, fluid from the vagina, skin of the rectum, breast milk Are included. If you stop yourself from coming in contact with them, then you can save yourself a lot from HIV.

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