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Many times it happens that we see a girl and we get to love from seeing it. Many girls are really so beautiful that the boys do not forget their power even after wanting them. In such a situation, the boys often think that if they want to talk to this girl, then they will have fun. Such boys begin to dream about the girl’s mind, while the truth is that some such boys can not really talk to the girl. They just do not understand what to talk to the girl and how to start talking.

talk girl first time

Ways to talk to the unknown for the first time

If you are not able to talk to an unknown girl, it means that you have a lack of Confidence or this may be the reason that you are not so much francs with girls. Now you do not need to panic. We have brought some tips for our own shy friends, which will make it easier for them to start talking to an unknown girl.

1. Keep your contact

Keep your eye contact with the girl’s eyes. The girl will know that you are approaching him to talk to him and whenever you are talking to him, keep on doing the same. This girl will be attracted to you because girls like these boys who have the courage to talk face to face.

2. Smile in the face

Whenever you talk to that girl, be sure to smile on your face. If the smile is such a weapon, then the heart of the big stone stones melts. If you talk smile in front of the girl then it shows that you have an interest in talking to the girl.

3. Introduce yourself

You have to do oy contact, now you have to tell that girl “Hello .. !! my name is Rahul, what’s your name? “

4. Ask about his studies

Ask the girl about her study about which school or college you study. Also ask in which class he reads. Whenever you are talking to him, do not comment on anything about him or else he will not like it. Do not forget that you are talking for the first time and you are not as intimate as you are yet.

5. Focus on your voice

Pay special attention to your voice. In your way of speaking, do more and less voice according to the point of view. If you do not feel too loud or too slow, do not listen to the girl. You should glimpse the emotions in your voice only then you can make that girl your own.

6. Body Language

Human body language speaks a lot. The way to go to your girl, the way of standing in front of her and your face impediment are all talked about, to which the girl takes an idea of ​​what kind of person you are.

7. Praise him

You go to the girl and praise her. Everyone loves to hear their praises. You can admire her beauty, smile. You have to praise praise a bit more slowly. Do not do anything like this, say something more and that unknown girl feels that she is either lying or is putting butter.

8. Ask her to know her movements

When you talk to her once, you will know a bit of her life. Whenever you meet that girl, first of all ask her movements. You can also ask her where she is going. If they do not want to tell you, do not irritate by asking repeatedly. If you call him for a few days by himself, then after a few days, he will also call you and start talking. Which will gradually increase your friendship further.

9. Talk to the excuses to help him

You can start a conversation by helping the girl you like. Helping a girl is a very good way to make her impression on her. But for that you have to wait for the opportunity. Whenever you feel that he needs help or you can help him, then catch the spot.

10. Ask for his phone number

When your friendship grows, ask for his phone number and if that girl is impressed by you then you will not refuse. If he gave you a number, you can call him two or three times. It is true that you do so many calls that they become irritate. If he is on whatsapp, then send him messages with good morning, good night and shayari on whatsapp. If you want, you can also ask for whatsapp on the move and he will answer you.

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