How to Recover after Dengue Fever – Care of Dengue Patient

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Hi Friends, how are you all? I hope you all be okay? Friends In our previous article we shared with you all the details of “Cure Sore Treatment in Hindi” – and I am very happy to mention that the article was most viewed in the contest in my other articles. The article going is up. Thank you guys for your love. The article that we have for you today is “How to Take Care of Dengue Patient – Dengue Patient Care” Friends can be any dengue nowadays. The biggest cause of dengue is dengue virus, which is mostly caused by mosquito bites. This disease is more common in Southeast Asia, Western Pacific, Central and South America and Africa. People go to these places to get this disease and in these places where there are rural areas, the possibility of getting dengue infection increases even more. It is very easy to identify with having a Dengue. Its symptoms are that it has a lot of headaches, severe fever, joints pain or back pain. Well there are many ways to cure dengue. Some of them are sharing with you.

Dengue Patient Care

1. Take care of incubation period

Always remember that if you are dengu then you will never know it immediately. In 5-6 days of being dengue, its symptoms start to appear. These symptoms remain in people’s body for 3 to 10 days.

2. Meditation on the Sign of Individual Serious Signs

Dengue is of two types. In one, symptoms are quite normal, but the symptoms of others are quite serious. In the dengue with normal symptoms, it is very fever to reach 104 degrees and rash which makes the face red and these rashes are done on hands, feet, chest or back. Another special symptom of this dengue is that it experiences pain in whole body and reduces the number of white blood cells.

  • Dengue with severe symptoms, severe stomach ache, accumulation of fluid in the stomach and lungs. Apart from this, there are other symptoms of this dengue, such as gums, nose and many more times the eyes keep blood and restlessness.
  • If you have any symptoms of either of these two dengue in your own or any of your friends or relatives, then at the right time you should treat your doctor with a good doctor.

3. Does the patient have acute dengue

Make sure you know whether the patient is really strong dengue or not. Some symptoms of acute dengue, which will tell you that you are really hunting for dengue. Having urinary bleeding, fainting and having high blood pressure.

4. Have a checkup from the hospital

If you have seen any of the symptoms of dengue, if you see any of them, then immediately see the doctor, if there are no signs of these, you should check with the doctor once you have a doubt.

5. Where to treat and care

If there is a dengue with acute symptoms, then we would recommend that you treat your treatment properly with hostipal. Treatment at home can happen only if he does not have any of these signs and the patient is able to pee in every 6 hours and the patient is able to take fluid from his mouth. We also want to tell you that the one who is going to tell you is not the treatment of dengue, but the symptoms which are happening in you are the treatment of you if you do not have dengue and then this treatment will affect you.

How to Keep Dengue Patient Careful

1. Create a mosquito-free environment

If you are treating the dengue patient at home then it becomes most necessary for you that you do not come in contact with mosquitoes. Due to mosquitoes, this permeation can occur from one person to another. You have to take measures to prevent mosquitoes at your home.

  • Close your house window and doors properly
  • Use the fish donor while sleeping.
  • Let us avoid half-dressed shirt and nickel and caprice dressed up.
  • On your open skin, you should give a mosquito repellance, which will get you rid of mosquito bites and mosquitoes will not cut you. Be sure to check this cream first and then apply it on the skin of the children. Do not send mosquito repellants to children younger than 2 months.
  • Pay special attention to cleaning your home and surroundings, but also note that water is not stuck in the vicinity of your home or the old things. So that the chance of mosquito breeding increases.

2. Give the patient plenty of rest

Dengue feels very tired in the body and lasts for a whole day. Try that the patient gradually starts doing his daily activities, especially during the time of the remedy. But also note that if you are in dire need of rest then take a lot of comfort. So that you will be able to correct yourself.

3. Give the patient a paracetamol medication

  • You can give paracetamol medication to the patient, which will give you plenty of relief in the fever. You can give only 325 to 500 milligrams of pillows at one time and it is enough to give 3 tablets a day.
  • Do not give the patient the aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other NSAID medicines. Because it increases the chances of the person’s flow of blood increased.

4. Give Liquid Things to the Patient

  • Give the patient a solution of water, fresh juice or ORS solution, so that you will get relief in the presence of nausea or fever.
  • If you take too much fluid then it will improve your health quickly and you will not be able to go to the hospital.
  • Drink openly water. A normal person whose age is 18 to 35 years is required to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.
  • You can also give papaya juice and kiwi fruit food in such a way that you increase the number of platelets. The best way to increase your platelet is goat’s milk.

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