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Hi, how are you guys all? I know you guys like my blog a lot. Just 4 days ago, someone has asked me a question, “How can I please make my wife bad?” I want to tell you that it is not that women do not enjoy s * x, only boys do it. The only difference is that the way to enjoy women is different, and they do not let it go. There are many women who do not want to have fun with s * x. Let us tell you in today’s article that what methods and measures can be done that you can keep your partner happy.

Happy Married Life Live

If seen, females enjoy more than men in s * x. The way the boy likes to make pose new s * x pose, in the same way the girl enjoys it very much. S * x is a common thing in today’s era. This is such a laugh. When a person forgets everything and feels that there is someone else in the world. Time of S * x is gratuitous for the satisfaction of both men and women. If either of the two remained dissatisfied then the fun remains incomplete.

It is often seen that such a situation becomes many times. This affects both the relationship and the person thinks before the next * s * x. Today we are going to tell you the tips that you can keep your partner happy for * s *.

1. open you

You should talk openly with your partner. Whenever you talk to your partner, talk erotic. Whenever you talk to your partner on your phone, bring s * xy feeling in your talk so that your partner is interested in things. Do not think of such things that the girl does not like such things that she likes things too.

2. Know each other’s feelings

Do not misunderstand if your partner gives priority to * x *. This is a good thing. The more you interact with each other, the more you understand, the stronger your mutual understanding is.

3. P *orn Movie Watch

If your partner asks you to visit P * orn Movie with you, do not be shy. Seeing P * orn Movie does not increase your s * x. Rather your partner feels better and can speak more freely after watching a woman P*orn Movie

4. Show your full enthusiasm towards S * x

It is often seen that women do not want to show their s * x wishes. This is a very big reason for unsuccessful s * xual life. Whenever your partner sends you * you should present yourself openly. This will give you good s * x experience.

5. New experiment

You should keep your new experiments with your partner. In my s * x life and also in conversation. Boys like s * xy like to talk So try that you talk to s * xy with your partner.

6. Share Your Desire

Women should not suppress their desire. Often it has been seen that women do not show their s * x emotions and show that this is not a good thing. At first he refuses and later complains that you do not understand anything. That’s why women should speak openly about their desires for s * x and also tell their partner how they feel during s * x. s * x seems to be good or not and s * x’s timing is okay.

7. Make romance

Women should romance with their partner. It should not think that if a man has a heart, he will come automatically. If the woman’s heart is doing s * x, then the woman can also romance. Often seen, s * x starts boring after some years of marriage. This happens only in the absence of romance.

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