How to Know a Girl Loves You Secretly – Signs She Likes You

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Often the boys live in this misunderstanding, after finding out how a girl loves them. If a girl is talking to you with love and is giving you precious time and giving it to you, then it is so sure that you like that girl. But being good does not mean that he loves you so that he just considers you as a good friend.

The biggest dilemma is at the time when you are not even a friend of the girl and you do not even talk to each other. If you start liking a girl in such a way then how will you know if she likes you or not?

Whether the boy loves the girl, but before proposing, want to know for sure whether he also sees me with the same look. It will not be so that I propose it and they refuse it and look at me with a bad look and leave me talking.

If you are also in such a dilemma, then today’s topic will reduce your confusion, let’s know how to find out whether or not you have love for the girl’s heart.

Learn how the girl likes

First of all, the girl you want to know about whether she likes you or not, it is important for you that she is your friend. If you are giving heart to a girl who is not able to speak with you then first you should start talking to her and once she becomes your friend, then we will tell you some trails from whom you are the girl When talking with you can easily find out if she loves you.

1. First know whether he or she believes you as a friend

First of all, you need to know whether your friend treats you as a friend or not. Often, if the girl does some things with the boy, then the girls think that the girl considers us to be her best friend, whereas this is not always true. So whenever you talk to that girl, try to know whether she is not interested in your things or not. When you talk to her, then remember what you talked about and repeat the same thing again for 2-4 days or 1 week. If he tells you how many times he will tell this matter, then understand that he takes interest in your things.

2. Look at the gestures of the girl

You can also learn this by reading his face. Whenever you talk to that girl, first of all, see if there is a little smile or happiness on the face of that girl when you meet her. Try to read his eyes, what he says. Talking to you while she keeps eye contact with you or just being forcefully talking to keep your heart. The way to talk about it is most important how much polity does he talk to you and whether he makes you feel nervous in front of you. Try to recognize her body language.

3. If he is interested in learning more about you

Girls have a habit that before they make any new relation they want to know everything about it. So if the girl is asking you more about yourself and is interested in learning more about you like your routine, your likes or dislikes, or about your hobbies, as well as about your job and family He will ask you if he likes you. This is common in every girl because she wants to know that in which she sees as her life partner, do her thoughts and my thoughts come together, or whether the girl also wants to know that the boy wants to know his future How serious is it to give him a good future?

4. When the girl starts playing with her hair

When you are talking to a girl and she starts playing with her hair, then understand that she is interested in you. It may also be that take your hair from one side to another, or rotate the round goal while finging on your hair. The purpose of playing with her hair is just that she wants to draw your attention to yourself and you understand that the girl who likes to do this likes you.

5. If he motivates you

One thing that is common in girls is that they do not tire of praising you in front of their friends and friends. This is a very easy way for you to recognize that the girl loves you. He will present your smallest achievement by offering a small achievement and will say that you are very genius. He will start to enjoy all your habits and he will say the most, that the boy is very caring, he talks very lovingly, He will also praise you in front of you and you will find comfortably, that he is not a common compliment. At the same time, they will also support you for everything, whether you are participating in any competition or trying to do something new.

6. When you talk to someone else, it starts to burn

Whenever you talk to another girl, it is normal to feel jealous. Then he will talk to you a little uprooted, which will happen because he wants that all your attention is centered on his side. When someone likes you, there is a lot of desire to talk to you in his mind and there is also a fear about you that you do not like anyone else, it happens too.

7. Wants to spend time with you

If that girl keeps looking for excuses to spend time with you and spend time and whenever she gets an opportunity she is ready to go with you, then she can also go to school, college, office from home. Talking with you on free time, offering you lunch or lunch together. To go with you in a special occasion, party or marriage, or to pick you up, say that I will also accompany you or will you take me with you?

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