How to Know a Girl is Virgin or Not

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Just a few days ago, there was a comment in our blog and when we got that comment, it was of a boy. A very strange question was asked in that comment that every boy would want to know in today’s era. Now you will think that what was the key to that comment. It was written that I had been engaged and now in a few months marriage was going to happen. One day after the engagement, after having a good chance in solitude, I got involved with my future wife. But for the first time I had done s * x with him, then va-gina did not kill blood. Is bleeding essential? Now this question is being eaten on day-night that the girl had no physical relation with any boy already? Please answer my question.

How to know if girl has done S * x before or not

It is true that it is true that virgin girl’s va * gina comes with the first time ‘s time blood, but it is not necessary that every time it happens. If the girl plays a sports game, runs a daily cycle or does some hard work, then the membrane of Va * gina bursts in the situation and the time the girl s * x will cause her membrane to be torn already blood does not get drained.

If your partner has been playing hard work or physical activity since his school time, then there is very little chance that the first time s * x will get blood from his va * gina. In such a situation, do not put too much emphasis on your mind and relax, that there will be physical relation with any of the boys before. In today’s time, if the girl wants to threaten you, it is not a big deal. Girl can rest comfortably with ‘haiman sergery’ and she will not even know her husband.

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