How to Do Wind Releasing Pose | Muktasana

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By yoga, our bodies are very much benefited, you all know it. Today’s topic is ‘Muktasan’, also known as Wind Relieving Pose. By doing this, Gastric’s problem is also solved. Due to the pressure on the stomach in this seat, our body gets more of the blood circulation lung which strengthens our heart and lungs. This seat is helpful in fixing problems in our stomach. This removes the gas disease of our stomach. This seat helps to correct the spine problems and also the heart problems.

How to do muktasan

  • First of all, choose a level place.
  • Now lay a gap or blanket on it.
  • After this lie down on his back.
  • Now lift your right leg above and help with your hands.
  • Please try to bring the leg closer to your chest as much as possible.
  • Now lift your head up and touch your head with your knee.
  • Now stay in this position for a while and breathe and leave.
  • Later on this process also with the left leg.

Benefits of Muktasan

  • For those who have problems of constipation, this posture is very helpful.
  • It relaxes your knees joint and makes them flexible.
  • For the problem of constipation, this seat is like a boon.
  • This posture provides relief in your back pain and waist-related diseases.
  • This posture is the best in obese work.
  • This posture not only strengthens your digestive system but also helps in working it smoothly.

Muktasan precautions

  • This seat should be empty in the morning.
  • Follow each step carefully.
  • If you have any kind of neck problem then do not do it.
  • If your knees do not have any kind of pain then do not try to do it.
  • When you feel that you are not being or you are tired, take rest in the middle.

Muktasan Video

Below we have brought you a video of how to do Muktasanan. By watching this video you can easily do this posture. This video we have taken from youtube. The purpose of sharing our video with you is that you do not have any difficulty in making the seat.

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