How to do ‘Crane Pose’ And Benefits

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Today’s article is “How to get rid of benefits” In the English language it is also known as “Crane Pose”. The name of this easy is kept in Sanskrit language, in which the meaning is ‘Heron’ (cranes) and easy means ‘money’. In the final position of this easy, the shape of our body becomes like a herd, hence its name has been retained. Initially, this easy is difficult to do but it is easy to do daily practice according to time. This easy to use is very useful to get the face clean. And if you want to increase your concentration, this yoga is very beneficial for you. This easy will fill a lot of energy in your body. So that you will be more active all day long.

How to sell

  • First, take a beach in the middle of a flat spot.
    Now sit on your feet with the help of your fingers.
    After this, lift your entire body with the support of both hands.
    Keep in mind that both your legs should be bend.
    And your head should be bowed and leaned.
    Take the rest after doing 10-15 seconds.
    Now again do it again.

Benefits of dues

  • Brings the glow on the face.
    It is helpful to cure stomach disorders.
    Arms and gives power to the heart.
    Consuntration power increases.
    The strength to bear loads also comes.

Precautions for exclusion

  • If you have pain or injury in your hands then do not do it.
    Do not do it in pregnancy.
    The patients with high blood pressesure should avoid this easy.

Discounting video

You have been given a video to do ‘Bukasan’. Observe this video carefully and follow all the steps correctly. Let us tell you that these videos are not ours. Youtube has been captured.

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