How to do Baby Massage at Home

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Since ancient times our child has been massaged in our civilization. Massage of baby massage has many advantages such as it strengthens bones and muscles. If mother carries her baby, then love and love increases between the child and her mother. Massage of the child has been going on in our country for centuries and our ancestors have also told us its properties and causes. Massage increases the weight of the child, the child’s fatigue is removed, it is not very irritable, it helps in developing physically and also gives the child the strength to fight diseases. Even if the child does not sleep, it is also good to massage, which gives him good sleep, which is most beneficial for young children. Mother is taught to massage her daughter and that daughter gives her advice to her daughter further. In this way this tradition continues to grow. Friends, in today’s article, we will tell you if there is a newborn baby in your house or is about to come, then how to massage her and what things are important to take care of.

Where should babysitting massage

To massage the baby, keep these things in mind that never let the babies drink milk immediately after drinking milk and sleeping time. While doing massage, you also need to know which part of the massage should be done on the part of the child so that it helps in physical development, let us tell you where the child should massage.

  • On the chest
  • On the back
  • On the leg
  • In the feet
  • On the heel
  • At the fingertips of feet
  • On the sides
  • In the hands
  • In the fingers

Massage Well

  1. First of all, you should take your child in such a comfortable condition so that he feels comforable and the place where he is comfortable is also very important. If you are massaging in the winter then do not sunn, then you should choose a hot room for your baby’s massage. You can massage your baby by putting a blanket or blanket on your bed instead of massaging the blanket on the ground and for your child’s massage.
  2. To massage your baby, you should massage her with light hands. Massage your whole body with light hands. Remember that you do not have to put too much pressure while doing massage. The purpose is not to reduce the pain in your child’s body, but to comfort you.
  3. Make your hands rotating in the winding direction or massage such as if you are eating dough. It is okay to massage any of the above or above the curved methods of both the top and bottom of the child’s legs.
  4. If you are doing massage of the baby then remember that she would give you a relaxing massage and not be stingy, because she would not feel good with her tickling.

Time to Massage

  1. You can massage the child before bedtime or after sleeping in the day or night, which is the best time to do massage. If you do massages at these times, your child will get a lot of relief and he will sleep comfortably.
  2. When you feel that he is getting more irritable and does not stop crying, then you massage him at that time. Before massage, be sure to take care of this thing if it is not being irritable due to hunger, then feed it before it. It is only right to massage the child after 50 minutes of feeding. And make sure that you do not have any other reason to be irritated with the child, then do so.
  3. If he turns his body at the time of massage or is trying to remove your hand with your hands, then do not coerce him with it and leave the idea of ​​massaging at that time. If you feel as if he is removing any part of his body while doing massage then it may be that he is experiencing pain in that part, then in such a situation, you should help the child with a doctor.
  4. Keep the massage time for 5 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase it to 30 minutes. Massage is good for your child’s physical and mental development, and if you feel that your child gets good sleep after massage, then it is also very beneficial for him because due to incomplete sleep the child becomes irritated is.

Small Baby Massage Tips

  1. Whenever you massage your baby, then lay it in the sunlight, as the sunlight rays in the sunlight gives your child vitamin vitamin as well, so that the child’s bones are strong and the massaged oil is also quick body. Is observed in
  2. If your child is more vulnerable then you should massage her with almond oil.
    It is good to use olive oil and butter for baby massage, if you do not have it, then you can use mustard oil or coconut oil for massage the baby too.

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