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One very old couple is that “mind is the cause of bondage and mind is the cause of liberation”. Our mind is likened to an evil horse. These horses of our mind are very fickle and always keep roaming around here. The way an uncontrolled horse harms both themselves and those who ride on it. Similarly, the uncontrolled mind also always leads us to harm.

If you think before talking to anyone, then this is a very good thing because it is said that thinking should be spoken only. But if you think a lot more and fall behind any one thing and there are issues related to it in the brain. Forget past things Stop thinking about what happened to you. With this you lag behind your present and it also brings great pain to your mind.

Do you have a habit of thinking too much and you try a lot to change this habit then we will help you. Below we have brought some steps for you. If you follow these steps, you will definitely benefit. Let’s know which steps are those which you can easily control on your thinking or mind.

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Tips to Set Mind

1. Keep the most matching

Start moving among your friends. You can connect yourself with such a friend circle which is also talkative. In the company of such friends you will not be able to think about anything else. It is often seen that people who talk a lot are successful in keeping your mind happy. In such a consistent way the person never feels bore. If possible, keep it in touch with people who work in your field means related to your work. Meeting people can not only talk to you but also gain knowledge about a topic. But remember this does not mean that you leave the rest of the work. Set your own time. In which you should know what time you have to work and when you get free from your work in the evening, then you can fight with your friends either on the walk or even sitting there.

2. Adopt any new activity

You can do a new job by going out of your comfort zone. Show you the curiosity to learn about any new thing and to do it. By doing this, you will continue to be interested in doing a new thing and your brain will not go anywhere else. Now the biggest difficulty is in front of you what you should do that your mind is steady. For this you can resort to any of your old shoanks. You will have an old interest such as singing, dancing, writting If you start doing any of your old shoans, then your attention starts to wander completely and your whole focus is on how to convert your new interest to income. Let us tell you here that do not do this, leave your job somewhere in the middle of your intrest. You can also start writing poetry, shero-shayari, stories. The rest depends on your interest. You start doing anything related to your interest.

3. Add a Book Reading Habit

Get as much of a great man’s books as you can. Such books provide new energy to our mind and brain. Books of such great people will have a deep impact on your mind. You will begin to find out how life should live. Your new chapter will be like a new experience. You can also read motivational books. Those people who have made their name in business or anything else.

Tips to Control Thoughts

1. Do Daily Exercise

If a normal person works harder then he can also get rid of his excessive thinking habit. Because doing so much hard work does not save the brain’s ability to think more. You have to resort to sports or exercise to do more workout. If you want to control your mind, you can also resort to sports. Get a habit of daily play sports like cricket, football, basketball etc. You can also make your daily routing of fighting games like marshal art or boxing. Join GYM GYM is also good for you. But the best exercise that has been considered is swiming. A swiming person exercises the entire body. Which gives physicaly and mentaly plenty of comfort to our body.

2. Meditate

It is very important to learn how to control your mind if you really keep thinking about it again and again. It is very important for you to learn that thoughts should only come when you want. You may also be mad by running thoughts in your mind at all times. The most beneficial to control thoughts is “meditation”. The person who meditates daily. There is a lot of change in his life-style. As soon as you wake up in the morning, meditate for 15-20 minutes. If you want to do it in any meditation cauching center or even at home. The practice done during the night is very good. The night is best considered because at that time there is a feeling of peace and calm at all.

3. Laugh and be happy

You create a list of friends in your friend circle who are always happy and others laugh. Everyone has friends in someone who is quite funny nature. Increase your closeness with it The time spent with those friends will be most beneficial for you. If you watch TV then watch comedy show. You can also see and subscribe to channels that you put in funny videos on youtube too. It is the biggest thing for you to be happy to calm both your mind and your mind. Which gives peace and stability to your mind.

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