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Being a parent gives the greatest happiness of life and we feel like we got everything and our life was fulfilled but this is your misconception because the real life has started now. It is your responsibility to give good education to your child. Now a new member has come to your house and you need to make a little of your home environment right. Your child will do the same. If the atmosphere in your house is a fight, then either do not think of taking a child or change the house for the upbringing of the child. Your parenting only decides his future, and his future determines your future. Because if your child is sensible and everyone is talking to respect then he will become your biggest support when you grow up and take care of your every small need.

If your child’s upbringing is good, then the name of the parent is also high. If there are two children in your house and they are fighting each other, then this responsibility increases even more because if both of them fight with each other, then you can not say one to another, not even the other. If you justify any one, then gradually his inferiority complex begins to grow. In today’s article we are going to tell you some things that you can become a good parent by adopting in your life.

1. Take time for children

In fact, most of the time, in the home, the parent does not pay much attention to the children due to their busy schedule, due to which it has a very bad effect on the child. This is mostly in homes where both husband and wife are working. Such parents are so tired by working throughout the day that they can not give as much time to their children. Little children want their parents to pay more attention to them and if they do not, their thinking goes negative.

2. Love and caress children

Your child should always give affection and love because this is the only thing that can give you to your child and increase your mutual bounding further. By lovingly touching the child’s head, you can give a child a sense of how much you love the child. If you want to show your love to your child, do not ignore the physical touch at all as this is the most successful way to bring your child closer and closer. You can also express your love by huging them with love and then kissing on their foreheads. If you continue to express your love for your child as a child, then the attachment of that child will increase to you very much. So that he will never do any such work that will make you face trouble later or your head down.

3. Deal with children’s disputes diligently

It is common for children who have more than one child in their home, often having a minor fat argument or a fight. In such a case, if you scold someone, then this thing has a very bad effect on that child and he understands that my parents love me less or any other kind of spirit can be born in his mind. You should work patiently in such situation and try to convince them both that they do not fight. The way to explain your way should be to understand both of them and do not even think that you are listening to someone. Target both of you and explain that fighting is not a bad thing, or children do not fight, otherwise I will kill. Such things you only have to do to scare children, do not really kill.

4. Do not pressure children to do any work

You should behave with your children so that they can succeed in themselves. He is never scolded at first in the class or in the first place in any game. Rather, accept whatever he is like. Give him an opportunity to try according to his ability, and not to pressurize him to perform well. After doing this, you may also have to suffer severe consequences and do not let your child go away from you. Or will he think that my parents keep scolding me as much as I do. So you have to adopt both his success and failure.

5. Teach Your Emotions to Control

If you have small children in your house and they do mischief at home, they are so naughty that even if you do not believe it, then you keep control over your anger in such a way. Keep your feelings normal, remember that the reaction you give today will tell the future of your child. Because small children observe what they see around them. If you stop your emotions in anger, then it puts a good impression on your child for a lifetime, and when it grows, it teaches you to control your anger, as well as to control your other feelings. Makes good.

6. Always Motivate Children

Your child should never be scared by scolding or kicking too much if you do so, there will always be a fear in the child’s mind and he will not be able to present himself to you in front of you. Children always grow up happily with their heart. If he wants to take part in any kind of sports or if he does anything in any way, then you should motivate him. Never try to suppress the wishes of his mind and do not say that what is kept in it? Is this a waste of time? Instead of using such words, encourage them to move forward with a smiley face and motivate body language. Through which to keep things in your life easily in front of you.

7. Keep in mind the health of children

For the good health of the children, you will have to give them a clean environment, for which first of all you should take care of their eating habits properly. Whenever you prepare food for them, clean the utensils and use the vegetables and fruits as well. Give the children time to sleep at night, then pick them up early in the morning because the night’s sleep is very important for the child. Give him education and exercise for his good health. The most important thing is that they should never let them eat the food, and keep them away from the fast food as much as you can.

8. Do not compare to children

Often, most of the mistakes that most parents do is that they give the labeling to the child. Now you must be wondering how? If there is more than one child in your house and one of them is smarter and the other is less intelligent then you start to compare both. Not only that, you keep on taunting it with some other thing that your brother is so clever. It has a very bad effect in the mental condition of the child, which may be a little bit in reading or it may happen that the mindset of a child who is fine in studies is also affected and he starts doing his arbitrariness that I have to Nothing will say because I am intelligent in reading. Friends, we can tell you that sometimes human beings can not have the same mind. It is very rare that two students of the same class come first. Whatever you try, you will never be able to compare anyone. So save yourself parents from these things.


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