Homeopathic Measures to Make Teeth White Overnight

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Friends, the yellowing of teeth has become commonplace today. Because most people have yellow teeth, they start losing their confidence too. If you have to sit in society then laugh is also important and if our teeth are yellow then we will feel ashamed to laugh. We take full care of our whole body. But when it comes to its teeth, we do not care so much that as a result, our teeth gradually start getting yellow and complain of stench from the teeth. Today in the market you will get many such teeth whitening products and toothpaste which claim to make your teeth clean and strong, but they also do not have the same benefit to us. In this post of today we have come up with ways to keep your teeth clean for you. It is completely home.

How to Whiten teeth

1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the best way to clean the yellowing of the tooth. Which gives your teeth the shine like before. Add a little baking soda, pinch of salt and some water in it. Now clear your teeth from it. If you do this procedure in the morning and evening during the day, then in 4 weeks you will see the yellowing of your teeth is finished.

2. Basil

Grind the basil leaves in the sun, mix it well and make powder by mixing this powder with your toothpaste, which also gives you clear teeth with other diseases of the mouth.

3. Orange peel

Orange is rich in vitamin c and calcium. Dry orange peel and basil leaves completely dry in the sun and grind them together and mix them well and make the powder slightly. Now let’s clean your teeth everyday.

4. Salt

The teeth shine with salt, and this method has been used since the time of our ancestors. The sooner you see the benefits of clearing your teeth with charcoal in salt, you will not be able to see it again by any other solution.

How to Make Teeth White Naturally

1. Neem

We have been listening to the qualities of Neem from our elders. Cleansing teeth from neem daily gives you bright teeth and also the neem made from teeth helps to get rid of other diseases of mouth.

2. Strawberry

Strawberry is the best remedy to remove the yellowing of the teeth, as it is found in strawberries, Malic acid makes shining teeth. Take some strawberry for this and grind them well and prepare a paste. Clean your teeth everyday with this paste.

3. Apple vinegar

You can shine your teeth with apple cider vinegar. You have to put apple vinegar in your teeth with a small finger for 45 days. So that the yellowing of your teeth will be completely removed.

4. banana

Peel the banana well and make it paste. Before brushing daily, make a soft massage of your teeth with this banana paste. Which will eliminate the yellowing of your teeth from the root.

Teeth Whitening

1. Vinager

Mix apple vinegar in a teaspoon olive oil Now, rotate your teeth around your teeth after dipping your brush in this mixture. You have to do this action till the end of that mixture. This home recipe is the best way to polish your teeth.

2. Lemon

Lemon increases our mouthwash which is good for both teeth and gums. For this, after drinking the same amount of water in a lemon juice, you can do it. This is what you have to do all three times a day. If you can not do three times then you should do it in the morning and evening. So that your teeth will be white and get rid of the breath of breath.

3. Charcoal

From the girl’s coal you can get rid of the yellowing of teeth. For this, grind the coal and make the powder thoroughly. Now clean your teeth with this grilled coal, which is the most comfortable and effective method.

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