Do These Solutions and Forget the Dark Circles under Eyes

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Today everybody is a boy or a girl wants to look beautiful. But because of the horizons under the eyes, this beauty can not last for a long time. By the way, this problem is found in both the boy and the girl, but the girls are more victims of this problem. Friends, if the eyes are beautiful, the viewer has a great effect and attracts it on its own. But if there are dark circles under the eyes then it reduces the beauty of eyes. Friends, these problems become so big a day that all the people around you begin to bend you for it and the time you have to face a lot of embarrassment. These problems can be seen in a person of any age.

Friends, for the treatment of this problem, you will get many products in the market, which can get rid of the dark circles, but these products are very expensive. Along with the chemicals found in it, our skin may also be damaged. That’s why we are going to tell you the most typical home remedies to remove the dark circle today, which you can easily get from the food you eat in your house.

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How the Dark Circles are – Dark Circle Kaise Hota Hai

  • Friends are caused by dark circles due to aging, anxiety, stress, computer / mobile / tv, see more sleep, do not take sleep, food is not right, fatigue or pregnancy. This is the most common reason that often causes dark circles to be solved.
  • Apart from this, due to the imbalance of harmons occurring during pollution, hereditary, smoking, alcohol drinking, periods and menopause, there are also dark spots under the eyes.

How to Remove Dark Circles – Dark Circles Kaise Hataye

1. Cucumber

To cure the dark circles, cucumber is considered most beneficial and doctors also recommend the use of cucumber first. It gives coolness to the skin of our eyes and face.

  • Cut cucumber into thick slices and put it in the freeze. When it gets completely cold, then put two slices of it in each of your eyes. Keep it in your eyes for 10 minutes. Before placing cucumber in the eyes, you lie down in the right position so that you do not move again and again.
  • Take out a cucumber juice and keep it cool for freezing. When it is completely cold, then cotton from cotton will be able to apply the juice around your eyes. Now let your face stay for 15 minutes so that your skin can observe those juices well.
  • Mix equal quantity of juice of cucumber juice and lemon juice. Now soak this mixture with cottony and place it in the dark circles area around your eyes and leave it for drying for 15-20 minutes. Wash your eyes with warm water afterwards. Keep in mind that this mixture should not be immersed in your eye.

2. Potato

Potato has bleaching properties that help reduce dark circles under the eyes. Take two potatoes and keep them in freeze for one hour for freezing. Now peel them and then grind it and take out its juice. Before sleeping in the night, soak a rui in this juice and place it on the dark circles of eyes and sleep. Clean the mouth properly with hot water in the morning. If you do this for 15 consecutive days you will see your dark circles decreasing.

3. Rose water

Approach the rose water slightly around the eyes and apply it around the eyes. Now leave it for 15 minutes to dry it. By doing this daily, your eyes will start diminishing.

4. Almond Oil

By applying almond oil, your skin is clean. If you put it on your dark circle you will definitely get the benefit and you will get rid of the dark circle.

  • Massage 4-5 drops of almond oils well before your eyes before sleeping. When you wake up in the morning, first wash your mouth with cold water. Keep doing this routine every day until the stains of your eyes are completely cured.
  • Take 5-6 drops of almond oil and mix them in one spoon of honey. These mixtures have to be set around your eyes before sleeping, and wake up in the morning and wash your eyes with hot water.

5. Tomato

Tomatoes are also used to remove the circles of the eyes. Tomatoes contain antioxidants called lycopene that help you eliminate the dark circles.

  • Grind a tomato and make a paste. Add one spoon lemon juice, one pinch of turmeric and two teaspoons of wheat flour. Apply this paste to the dark circle and leave it for 15 minutes. After that wash it with light warm water. This should be done twice or twice a week.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Removal – Nesi Nuskhe for Dark Circles

1. Lemon

Place fresh lemon juice with cotton on the dark circle around your eyes. Which will give you good results in a few days.

2. Mint

Mint has a cooling effect which reduces the exhaustion of eyes and prevents black circles from occurring. Grind a handful of fresh mint leaves well. Pour it until it becomes a paste. Now cut a lemon and squeeze the half lemon into it. Now wash this made mixture on your dark circle and keep it for 15 minutes after washing it. You should do this twice daily in a day.

Coconut oil

Before sleeping at night, massage the coconut oil with light hands on the shades near your eyes and sleep. Wake up in the morning and wash it with warm hot water. If you do this measure for 10 days, then you will be able to see the difference between your eyes.

4. Aloe Vera

Break the fresh leaves of aloe vera and rub it around your eyes so that you will get relief very soon from the shades.

Measures to Avoid Circles of the Eyes – Aankhon Ke Dark Circles Se Bachne Ke Upay

  • Drink plenty of water in the day so your skin and eyes will get moisture.
  • Include green vegetables, fruits, milk, curd in your diet and close junk food and outdoor food.
  • Ever should not rub the eyes with your hands loudly.
  • Before leaving the sun, put black eyes on the eyes.
  • Those women who make-up should wash themselves before sleeping in the night and take it out of the make-up correctly and sleep.
  • Wash the eyes with cold water as soon as you wake up and if possible, keep scaring water on your eyes after 1 hour.

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