Here is the Best Tips to Improve Eyesight Naturally

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Hi friends how are you all? How do you look our article? The eyes are the most beautiful part of our body, which attracts the front person first. You should take care of your eyes properly, otherwise you may have to put glasses on your eyes or many people use lenses which becomes a life-term of life. It is common for all people to see mobile, computer and TV in the era of today’s technology, which is the biggest reason for our eyes being weak. In today’s part-filled life we ​​can not pay attention to our eyes properly. If your eyes are too weak and you want to increase your eyesight Here in this article we are giving you some suggestions if you take these suggestions regularly, you will definitely get the benefit.

Due to the eyes disease

1. Because of Light of Screens

If you use television, computer or mobile for a long time, then this is the best reason for your eyes getting weak.

2. Do not take care of eyes

It has been seen mostly that we often do not pay attention to the scrutiny of our eyes. We should take care of our eyes seriously.

3. Lack of Vitamin A

Often the food we eat does not pay attention to which vitamins are there. Whatever food we eat in our house, we eat and if the food is eaten by Vitamin A deficiency, then your eyesight becomes dim.

4. By studying in low light

If you are studying in a dark room, then you should tell that the light of your bulb or tube-light must be sharp. If you sit and study at a low lighted place, you have to put more emphasis on your eyes, which has a lot of damage to our eyes.

Above, we tell you some important reasons which often make people’s eyes weak. But this is not the reason that this is the reason. There are many reasons for which your eyesight weakness may increase, such as excess stress, excessive learning, excess stress or tension. These are the reasons why you get eyes glasses and later if you do not take care at the right time, then the number of glasses goes up.

Measures for Correcting Eye Diseases

1. Eat nutritious foods

If you want to increase the illumination of your eyes, then you first need to pay particular attention to the dietary diet. It is very good to eat green bakery vegetables such as cabbage, greens, spinach, carrots. Eating fruits also prevent your eyes from becoming weak. Oranges, grapes and lemon are very beneficial for your body and nut and almonds are very good in dry fruit.

2. Discard Smoking

Smoking also damages your body, and it also causes great damage to your eyes. So you have to first quit your cigarette addiction. You will need a good friend circle for this. If your friend’s circle is not good then you can not leave cigarette habit even after trying hard. You can also ask for advice from a good doctor or medicines to leave it.

3. Relax eyes

Continually using anything like our body becomes tired of doing anything, you also start to feel very heavy in your eyes by using a TV, mobile or computer. If you are doing any important work on the computer or on mobile then take a 1-2 minute break after 30 minutes. Which will relax your eyes. At the same time try to blow your eyes as much as possible while working. Well, it is very good to have at least 18 to 20 eyes in 1 minute so that your eyes are not dry.

Ayurvedic treatment of eye diseases

1. Consumption of carrots

Carrots are most useful to enhance the eyesight. If you want to sharpen your vision, eat raw carrots or carrots made daily with daily intake and consume carrot juice daily. Which is very beneficial to your eyesight.

2. Beetown is beneficial

The fruit of beetroot is also very good for you. If you have ever seen carrot juice in any shop, then you will remember that they also put beetroot together. Even in beetroot, there are the same properties of eyes that increase the viscosity of the eyes which are found in carrots. Just the difference is that only a small quantity of beetroot is sufficient for our body and if you eat it in excess, your throat can also get worse.

3. Triphala best

Take a little triphala and soak them in a pot of night. Now, after dawn, filter its water well and now wash your eyes well with this filtered water. By doing this remedy gradually your eyes will see the difference and the eye glasses in your eye will descend.

4. Amla and Coriander

Amla and coriander powder are very beneficial for those who have irritation in their eyes, or who are complaining of blurred eyes. For this, take 4-5 pieces of gooseberry and keep it soaked in coriander juice. Now with this water rinse in the morning and wash your eyes. If you do this continuously for a month, you will get plenty of relief from the blurring and irritation of your eyes.

5. Mustard oil massage

To sharpen eyes, mustard oil is also very beneficial. To do this, firstly wash your two leges properly and then wipe it well with any dry cloth. Now massage your soles of both feet well. Remember that this massage is to be done before you sleep at night so that oil can be properly observed in your body. Well you can massage the oil on your head too, and your eyesight is intense.

6. Treatment with butter, pepper

Mix one pinch of 10 pinches of black pepper and one teaspoon of powdered sugar candy in it. Now eat it but you have to take this empty stomach. After eating this mixture you have to eat 1-2 pieces of coconut kernel and also fennel the top. You should not eat anything after eating it. By doing so, pain or irritation of your eyes completely stops and your partner’s eyes get on fast in the light of your eyes.

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