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Yoga has been involved in our culture since ancient times. The great sage Muniyo has also told the benefits of Yoga and he himself used to do yoga when he used to be so active and fit. Due to the shortage of time and the lack of proper knowledge, the shouting was done in people. But again yoga has become the first choice of people. Not only in India, but people all over the world do yoga and are fully satisfied with its benefits.

Today’s topic is Hands Free Headstand Pose. People are also called ‘free hand sharpness’. This name is made up of the sum of Sanskrit words. ‘Free’ means ‘free’, ‘hand’ matlab ‘hands’, ‘head’ means ‘head’, and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’. The weight of our whole body in this seat is on our heads. We will tell you the methods, advantages and precautions of doing this asana in this article.

How to make headings

  • To make headings, first you must set a valley or blanket on a plain space.
  • Now you sit in the position of Vajrasana.
  • Now go ahead and lean forward and tie your two hands on the ground.
  • Now let your fingers both fingers touch each other.
  • Now put fingers together in both of your hands so that you can support your head.
  • Now try to keep the head slowly between these palms and keep trying.
  • Keeping your breathing normal, keeping your head on the ground slowly and slowly raise the whole body around the head and raise it up.
  • When your body’s full weight comes to your head, straighten your body straight. This position is called Sirsasana.

Benefits of shearshasana

  • This seat relieves your fear.
  • This increases focus and concentration.
  • Makes your kidney stronger.
  • Blood increases circulation.
  • Removes stress from mind.
  • Enhances the strength of your arms, shoulders and core muslces.
  • This asana improves digestion stystem also.

Precautions for Headache

  • Pregnancy and Periods do not do it at all.
  • Do this posture after doing another posture, do not start in the beginning.
  • If you are a victim of any type of major illness, then consult the doctor.
  • In final pose, you should be in the body straight straight vertical.
  • Try in the final position that you can relax as much muscles as you can.
    And try also that all the weight of your body is on your head or not on hands.

Heading Video

You can easily do this post by looking at the video given below. It often happens that you can not understand the step proper and you start misunderstanding the same practice as well at home. That’s why we always bring video for you so that you can do proper and correct steps.

Today we have shared the article of Shirshasan with you. If you read this article, please tell us how and if you want to give us any suggestions, then we will consider it and do not forget to share this article.

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