Gallbladder Stone Treatment in Just 5 Days

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In today’s own blog, we will discuss about Gallbladder Stones. In gallstones, our gallbladder becomes small stones, which can be small or even bigger. The patient of gallstones should get it treated on time, or this disease can take a formidable form and you can read many lifting damage. If you tell a doctor about your gall stones, then he will advise you to undergo surgery for this, in which doctors can take your gallbladder out of the body through surgery. Most of the effects of which side effects have also been seen. At the same time, in this surgery, the money is spent so much that it is not possible for everyone to get rid of it, so friends, we have brought some home remedies for you to eliminate the bile stone for you today, for all of you. They are very easy to do, and they are not entirely side effects as well as being Ayurvedic.

Causes of gall bladder stones

The main function of the gallbladder is to accumulate the bile to edit the digestive tract but at times it happens that the cholesterol present in the bile sometimes becomes solid so that it takes the form of stone. The biggest reason is to eat more cholesterol. There are other reasons for having gall stones such as obesity, high food intake, high intake of fast food or certain fruits and vegetables containing biz which cause the disease.

Gallbladder symptoms

You do not have any pain all the time in the problem of calculus. When you take more fried and chelostrol meals, you have a feeling of some pain in the upper part of your stomach, flatulence, or sometimes there is a symptom of acute pain around the stomach. There are many other signs, however, if you have a lot of signs of stones, such as having excessive fast food, feeling burning in the stomach, vomiting, dizziness or frequent pain in your waist. If you have any of these symptoms, then be careful about it.


Although all doctors recommend working on gallstones, but by following some of the following measures and dieting you can get rid of gallbladder problem and these home remedies are so easy that these things will give you your home But it will be easy to find.

1. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is a very good way to cure gallstones. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant cells found in it are capable of melting the gallbladder completely. Therefore, you must use turmeric regularly in your food diet everyday.

2. Mint

Mint is also helpful in smelting gallstones. Take a glass of water and keep it for boiling and pour some of its mint leaves. When this water boils completely, you can filter it and mix it with a spoon of honey and drink it. Remember that you have to drink hot water so that you have a strong effect on your stones, it will be less beneficial to drink cold water.

3. Garlic and lemon

To reduce the amount of calistrol in your body, you should consume more garlic and lemon.

4. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very beneficial for stones, which prevents cholesterol from growing, but if your gallbladder sticks slowly due to cholesterol, then gradually drink lemonade as soon as possible. Even if you do not have stones, you should drink 3 glasses of lemonade in the day, so that you will not have any fear of having pile stone in future.

5. Goat, carrot and cucumber

If you consume more of the beetroot, carrot and cucumber, then not only the gall bladder, but also the kidney stones also come out and come out of the body.

6. apple vinegar or juice

Malic acid found in apples plays a key role in smelting the stone. You drink apple juice daily and drink apple vinegar together is also beneficial for you. You can eat apple directly. If you take the apple in any form, the malic acid found in it will be reached in your body. If possible, mix and mix a teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass apple juice, which will benefit you more.

7. Grapes

Take as much grapes as possible, which is very beneficial to fix stones. If you want you can drink grapes juice too.

8. Pear juice

The pectin found in pears reduces your cholesterol and causes it to completely rub the stones. You should drink half a glass of hot honey mixed with half a glass of hot water and one teaspoon of honey together and drink it day by day.

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