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In today’s era, from small fat diseases to large diseases, everyone is engaged. And people are taking their medicines by paying so much money. But they do not know the benefits of doing yoga. And in what way Yoga is able to cure your body of small and major diseases. Therefore, today yoga is not only known in India but it is known all over the world and people are practicing it and also taking advantage.

Matritasan is also called Fish Pose in English. Mithyaasanaan is very beneficial for our body. Matritasana is derived from Sanskrit, in which ‘fish’ means ‘fish’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’. There are many benefits to doing the medulla. In this posture, our body comes suddenly like a fish and hence this posture is called matrilinea. In this article, we will learn how to do medicines and what our body benefits from doing it.

How to do Mithyaasanaan

  • Spread a gap in a flat ground.
  • Now sit on her and sit in the position of Padmasan.
  • Now slowly lower your back and head back to another.
  • Now with the help of both of your hands raise your body up and make balance on your head.
  • Now hold the right leg of your left hand and the left leg to the right hand.
  • Now place your hands on the ground with both hands, and come to a comfortable place.
    Keep breathing slowly.
  • After some time doing this, change the position of your feet and then again

Benefits of nutrition

  • This brings glow in our skin.
  • The problems of spine and knee are eliminated.
  • These yoga is very beneficial for the patients of asthma.
  • By doing this, pure blood creates our body.
  • Patients with diabetes benefit greatly from this posture.
  • Women’s pregnancy and menstrual-related diseases are far away.
  • This posture enhances your appetite and helps to digest food too.
  • By taking the medulla, we get rid of many diseases of chest and stomach.

Mitigation precautions

  • Do this yoga in the morning and always empty stomach.
  • The patient of migraine and harniya should not do this yoga.
  • If you have a knee pain, high or low blood pressure, slip disc and any kind of spine, then do not do this yoga.

Matthias Video

You can also do yoga by looking at this video. Observe the video given below and follow the same steps as given. The purpose of sharing our video with you is that you do not have any problem in getting the nerves and you can easily do this. This video is not ours. We have taken this video from youtube just so that people can get help in this posture.

In our today’s article, we have shared witches, benefits, caution and video with you all. We all hope that you will like this article like our other articles too. If you like this article, please share it as much as possible. And we will bring you even more great articles in the future.

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