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On the occasion of Independence Day, in today’s article, we are going to tell you some specific things about the national song of India which is very important for you to know. Well you may know all these things, but there are some people who will not know some or all of them.

1. India’s national anthem is ‘Jan Gun Mann’, written by Rabindranath Tagore.

2. National Anthem was written in high Bengali Sanskrit and the first five stanzas were taken from Brahmo Hymn, which was composed and scored by Rabindranath Tagore himself.

3. This song was first sung during a session of Indian National Congress in Calcutta on December 27, 1911. Later this song got the recognition of National Anthem on 24 January 1950 and it was also implemented in the Constitution.

4. National Anthem has a time limit of 52 seconds.

5.Ariginal song was translated into Hindi by Abid Ali, which is slightly different from the original song.

6. Jan Gun Mann was written in Bengali language, but it is composed of the words of higher Sanskrit in which the noun (noun) and verb have been used very much. In this song, almost every major Indian language Used
has gone.

7. Indian National Anthem means that India is a country of diversity because people of different cultures, traditions, religions and languages ​​live in India, but in spite of such disparities, our countries
All people are together in

8. National anthem is sung at school, college and governement offices according to different opportunities. However, in most schools it is sung after daily prayers.

9. It is sung even before introducing a sports game to represent your country. You have seen many times that when India’s team is going to start a match with any other team, the first national anthem is sung.

Indian National Anthem Lyrics

Here we have shared the national anthem with you that fills everyone’s hearts with patriotism. This national song is so much loved that it sounds more like it as often as you hear it.

Jan gan man adhinayak jay he
bharat bhagya vidhata
punjab sindhu gujrat maratha
dravid utkal banga
vindhya himachal jamuna ganga
uchhal jaldhi taranga
tab shubh name jage
tab shubh aashish mange
gaaye tab jay gatha

jan gan mangal dayak jay he
bharat bhagya vidhata
jay he jay he jay he
jay jay jay jay he

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