Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. Today, 10 out of every 100 women are suffering from breast cancer. The most common illness in cancer is skin cancer and second name is breast cancer. At the same time, we want to tell you that breast cancer is the second number, which is the highest death rate every year. In the first place there is lung cancer, which has led many people to lose their lives. Chest cancer in men is very few people, not equal. But this number is more in women. If you want to defeat breast cancer, then there is only one way to get your treatment completely in time. (Stan Cancer’s Lakshano Ko Kaise Pehchane)

Breast Pain Reason

1. Checkup your own

Women should be active themselves towards their body. If you do not take care of your own body then you may have to take the loss of it in the time to come. Whenever you go for bath, press your breasts well enough to see if you do not feel any lumps in your breast or if there is no pain of any kind. You should do this while bathing everyday.

2. Check your face in front of the glass

You should take your own bit checkup yourself. For this, where you have a glass, go to a single room or bathroom. Now you take off your top, shirt, t-shirt or whatever you have worn and take off your bra too. Now notice your breasts carefully in the mirror that there is no difference in the shape of your breasts nipple, swelling in the breast or any kind of fluid from the nipple.

3. Focus on the change in your breast

You keep checking your breast from time to time. Their size is normal. Breast is not so stupid. Talk to your partner about this topic, he can help you more. Tell him if he knows any change in your breasts then tell it immediately. Because you can not see your breasts from that angle which your partner can see from the angle.

4. Know Your Personal and Family History

If you have had breast cancer before, you might be able to get breast cancer again in the future. If there is a breast cancer earlier in the family, then the chances of getting it increased greatly.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

1. Lumps in the breast

If you think there is some lump in your breast then it can also be due to cancer. You should have a checkup of that lump in time. Lump checkup is done by ultrasound or mammogram. If you want to be even more sure, you can also test FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology). In this test, the needle on the lump is turned out to be slightly fluid and then it is checked whether it really is cancer or not.

2. Breast Nipples With Blood Transfusion

It is sometimes observed that bleeding from the breast nipple starts bleeding. Well it is not necessary that everyone should be together. This is the least common symptom. It happens with very few women.

3. Pale or Stretch in Breast

If you have any type of pit or stretch on your skin, it can be a concern for you. Because these are the most accurate symptoms of Breast Cancer.

4. Do not treat secretion as common with nipple

If you do not breastfeed right now and still if your nipple is automatically discharged then you also press the nipple. They can be white, red, sentinel, yellow or otherwise. So this can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

5. Itching on the breast

If you are going through symptoms like itching in the breast of the breast, or becoming skin red, and taking it as normal, it is taking antibiotics but it is not getting well. In this case, you should immediately check it in a large clinic or hospital.

6. It is important to focus on swelling

Notice the needle around your breasts’ nipple. You can not sit confident because breastfeeding may also be the beginning of breast cancer.

7. These may also be symptoms

If you experience a decrease in your weight, pain in bones, trouble breathing or more itching in the breast, it feels pain, then get it done immediately.

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