Cat Pose Practicing Steps with all Benefits

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Hello Friends, are you finding our articles useful? We are pretty sure that you will find our articles good. Yoga is very beneficial for our body. Daily practice of Yoga gives not only healthy body but also a long life. Today’s our yoga is Cat Pose which also called Bidalasana in Hindi language. In which we will know how to do Bidalasana and its benefits. Also we will share the video with you to do this. This yoga considered to be the best for yoga for lower back muscles. It calm down anger and keeps the mind calm.

Cat Pose

Cat Pose Steps

  • First laying down the mat on the ground.
  • Now sit on your knees with the arms of your hands.
  • Insert your spine a little bit inside and stretch your head upwards.
  • Now move your stomach inside and let the spine out and let it go.
  • And bend your head below down.
  • Practice this posture 5-7 times.

Cat Pose Benefits

  • This asana increases the stamina of our body.
  • Give strengthens to our bone.
  • Removes Stress and Tension.
  • Make flexible to spine, middle to upper back and the shoulders.
  • Improves the functions of our stomach parts.

Cat Pose Precautions

  • Those who are undergoing a problem of heart or high blood pressure should not do this.
  • Do not do this in any kind of injury.
  • Follow every single point carefully.
  • If you feel that you are not going it very easy then leave to do this asana.

Cat Pose Video

Here we have brought the video of the method of ‘cat pose’ for you. The purpose of sharing video is that many times you do not understand the steps correctly, then do wrong steps, which can cause great damage in future. So watch the video carefully and follow the given steps.

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