Best Yoga if you are Pregnant – Pregnancy Yoga Exercises

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We know that if you are pregnant then this time you will be very stressful. But it is very important that you keep your mind calm. Yoga is the most important for keeping your mind calm. If you are healthy in pregnancy then your child will also be healthy and you should focus on your diet and exercise to stay healthy. Women’s weight begins to increase in pregnancy, so if you do yoga or exercises in these days, you get a chance to get normal delivery and you will get the strength to endure the pain when you are giving birth to a child. . If doctors believe, then they will advise you to do yoga for 4 months to 9 months. Here, we will tell you today what is the posture that you should do during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga Precaution

  1. Yoga is a very good decision during pregnancy but there are some things that you need to take care of so that you do not have to suffer any major loss in the future.
  2. In the third month of pregnancy, your weight starts growing so that it becomes difficult for you to do everyday work. But remember that do not let yourself be slow and do some work slowly, so that you will feel active. And if possible, do a few walks or exercises in these days too.
  3. Do not do any yoga in the third month of pregnancy which is more difficult or that makes you feel more energy. Also, keep in mind that before giving any yoga, support your stomach with something so that there is no excessive stress on the stomach.
  4. If you are in the middle of your first 3 months then you have to get advice from your doctor about whether you can exercise or yoga right now and if yes, which yoga will be beneficial for you.
  5. If you have not done any Yoga before pregnancy then do not try to do it because you will have to learn it to practice the new yoga and it can be a risky work.

Which should be easy in pregnancy

1. Anloam vilom

Method: Sit in a right position and place your right thumb on the nose. Now you have to breathe from the right part of your nose and breathe from the left. After a while you have to breathe from the left and leave it right. Take this procedure for a while. But remember that your sexes should be long and deep.

Benefits: Anoolom Vilom Asan is a very good posture. By doing it regularly, blood circulation is intense in the body. By which you will feel active all day and you can keep yourself away from stress.

2. Bhadrasan

Method: Make your two legs forward and relax and sit and then add the soles of your legs and start folding the legs lying near you. Hold the fingers of your feet with both hands. Keep yourself in this position for a while and breathe comfortably and keep away.

Benefits: By doing this yoga spine is strong and your digestive power is also strong.

3. Writing

Method: First of all, do your two legs forward and sit and then fold your right leg and bring it to the top. Now lift your left arm up. Now touch the elbow of left arm to the outer part of your right leg and apply the palm of that hand to the hips. Take your right hand back and do it for some time now and then relax and do the same from the other side.

Benefits: By making the curb, your body’s capabilities are power-ups and the waist also gives strength. If you are doing it during pregnancy, then you will get many benefits.

4. Butterfly seat

Method: To make a butterfly seat, turning both legs in front, mixing soles, i.e. should be the posture of Namaste with feet. After this, cross the fingers of both hands and hold the toe of the foot and make the legs up and down. Your back and side should be straightforward. Do not repeat this verb more than 15 times.

Advantages: Butterfly posture is very good for pregnant women, so that the body is flexible. It gives strength to your pain during your childbirth and you have to face less trouble during delivery.

5. Western reproduction

Method: Straighten your legs and sit in this position. Keep a little gap on both of your legs. Now take long deep breaths and try to lick the fingers of your feet with both of your hands. Now 10 second stay in this position and then come back to normal position. After a break, repeat it again.

Benefits: By doing this yoga, tension is reduced and there is flexibility in the body. If you do this posture on a daily basis, it is very beneficial for you.

6. Mountaineering

Advantages: Even if our body has many advantages of doing the mountain, but the biggest advantage is that one day doing it everyday helps you get rid of the problem of back pain and the biggest benefit of it is that if you practice it correctly If you do, your weight will remain in control. Your weight will not increase further in pregnancy.

7. Respiration

Benefits: Shawshana is similar to a boon for pregnant women. It has many advantages. If you do this then you will get self-pleasure and you will stay away from tension and stress. By doing this your baby is fully developed. This also keeps your blood circulation correct.

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