Best Way to Learn How to do Meditation at Home

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Friends, today we will tell you how important it is to us to meditate and how many benefits it has in our body. Meditation is also called meditation in English. The goal of meditation is to achieve peace of mind and concentration of mind. Well, there are many more benefits to meditate. In ancient times, the Rishi-Muni used to reach God only through meditation. But in order to reach that stage, a capable master is required. But if you take a little time out of your day-to-day work and do meditation then you will start seeing these benefits. Meditation means that you understand yourself, lose yourself in yourself. You should do 15-20 meditation on a daily basis. Let’s know the detail in detail.

Benefits of meditation

Regular meditation is very beneficial for us. We must take care of ourselves daily, as well as our children and other members of the house should also advise doing this by telling its benefits. Our body has many benefits to meditation.

  • Control the mind and body’s versatility and instability.
  • Removes nervousness and nervousness.
  • By removing too much shyness, it also increases your confidence.
  • It also gives you the power to make a rule of doing all your work and to follow it.
  • Develops the scope of your thinking.
  • Stress is kept away from you.
  • You do not seem to have any minor illness.
  • Removes anger and irritation.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.

Preparation for meditation

1. Choose a quiet place

It is very important for you to take your meditation along with it. You should choose such a place for meditation where there is not much stroll, so that you do not get disturbed. If you want, you can use your house or any park for it. But meditation must be done only when more people are not around you.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

To correct the condition of meditation, you should wear clothes that relax you. If you wear more tight clothes then it will not let you concentrate completely into meditation. If you are in the office and want to meditate in a free time or break time, to make the meditation comfortable, you can take your purse out of the pocket and take out belt and shoes.

3. Determine the time to meditate already

You have to determine your time correctly. You should also decide what time to do meditation and how long you should do meditation. Some people like to do meditation in the morning, some in the afternoon and some evenings. Well we want to let you know that at the time of meditation, meditation is the most effective. From 12 a.m. to 3 a.m., the time is most solitary. In which the whole creation is sleeping like humans, animals etc. If you do meditation during this time, you get God’s grace more because you are meditating on your sleeping sacrifice.

In the starting days, you should start carefully from 5 minutes and as you move forward, increase the limit. You should know that for how long you have to meditate, set the alarm in your mobile or watch, so that you do not damage your concentration by watching your clock again and again.

4. Keep seating posture comfortable

Your seating position matters most to meditate. If your sitting position is not comfortable then you will not be able to focus properly. The best thing for meditation is that you sit in the Padmasan by putting a gap on the ground and concentrate your mind by closing your eyes. In the beginning you will have difficulty sitting in this mudra and your back will begin to suffer, or your head will start to loosen and loosen. Well, if you want, you can do it in any situation. If you are in the office then you can also meditate while sitting on the chair. Even at bedtime, you can do meditation for 10 minutes before sleeping.

How to meditate

1. Take a simple lifestyle

You should eat vegetarian and homemade meals only. Take care of your physical hygiene, always keep your thoughts positive and good, follow the virtues in your life and follow them with complete loyalty.

2. Experience yourself as part of that Father

This world is governed by the same Father, who, in different forms, have been born in different religions and have shared the knowledge of their being. We should also consider that Father, as his father and himself, a part of it and feel his heart and thank him. Also, before getting up in meditation and after getting up in meditation, we should pray with the Father that our meditation will be successful and we can recognize our true form.

3. Control your thoughts

There are many types of thoughts that can arise in your mind while meditating. You do not panic because it happens with everyone. Do not follow the ideas they will come and go away. Prevent yourself from entering into those thoughts, gradually your mind will become naïve. We can not say that how long will it take for your mind to become free of thought, all depends on your will and depends on how much you meditate with passion, seriousness and positive thinking.

4. Focus on one point

To concentrate the mind, you have to stabilize your thoughts at one point. If we are meditating on any method, it has been said in all that you should close your eyes and focus on the middle of the two eyebrows, someone has said that you have your breath in your mind Concentrate at the speed of one and someone says that imagine behind turning your eyes light into light. One thing in all these methods is to keep in mind that your breathing should be normal, do not breathe intentionally and do not leave.

5. Regularly meditate

As we daily eat food regularly and follow other routines, meditation should be regular, only then we can experience the benefits of meditation. If you regularly meditate, there will be a lot of change in your habits and your thoughts and you will be able to experience becoming a successful man. Along with daily meditation, it is easy for you to enter the depths of meditation and you will soon enter your meditation without following ideas.

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