Best Tips for Headache Treatment at Home

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Even today, we get so much stress in the life of a full-grown life that the headache is normal. This disease has to happen to every person at some point of time. In any case, this problem can be either small or big. It is sometimes this, but if you are getting this repeatedly, then it also takes the form of migraine. In migraine the pain of persistent pain in half of your head is increased and this pain sometimes gets so much that it becomes very difficult to bear. By the way, there are three types of headache. Tension headache, migraine headache and cluster headache. By the way, whenever there is a headache, everyone usually likes to take headache medicines with crosine and paracetamol. But this is not a sure remedy for headache. By taking these medicines you may get rid of your problem for some time but this does not eliminate the disease from the root, so that the problem can be reverted. If you are too troubled with the headache disease, then we are going to tell you some home remedies here which will benefit you very much and these solutions are absolutely Ayurvedic, which will not have any wrong effect on your body.


Due to headache

There can be many reasons for having headache such as doing a lot of hard work, working more stress, drinking too much cigarettes, drinking excessive alcohol, due to lack of water in the body, working harder on the eyes.

Tips to Avoid Headaches

If you have a problem of headache often, then you must be careful about some things. If you pay attention to these things then you will stop having a headache problem and if you do not have a headache problem then it will never happen.

  • Avoid staying in sunlight for a long time.
  • Eat nourishing food.
  • Sleep complete.
  • Stay away from aromatic things.

Many times the muscles get more stretch, due to which we often have a problem of headache. For this, you should massage your head, neck and shoulders. And you should continue to exercise yoga every day for this to not happen again in the future.


Headache Remedy – Sir Dard Ka Upay

1. Clove

  • Mix a little salt in cloves powder and prepare a paste and put it in milk and drink it so that your headache will be cured.
  • You can lighten the cloves and grind it and apply it on your head.
  • Bite some cloves properly and bind them in a cotton cloth and whenever you start getting headaches in the day, it starts with long long breaths and it touches the cloth which has cloves.
  • If you massage your head with clove oil then this too will be very comfortable for you.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a natural pain killer medicine that relieves you from headache, for this, you have to grind some buds of garlic and drink juice which will give you relief in the headache.

3. Almond oil

Add a little saffron in almond oil and it will have to be done 2-3 times a day, so that you will get plenty of relief.

4. Lemon juice

If your headache is due to stomach gas, then add lemon juice to a glass of light warm water and drinking it again will give you relief from headache.

5. Ginger

  • Many times our sleep is not complete due to which the headache starts to occur. In this way, you can drink tea by adding cloves, cardamom and ginger, which will make your headache disappear.
  • Mix the water in the dry ginger powder (which is called ginger) and make a paste and apply it on your forehead.
  • Mixing ginger juice and lemon juice is equal to three times a day, it is beneficial.

6. Apple, milk

When you have empty stomach in the morning, apply salt on apple and drink lukewarm milk along with it. If you do so daily for a few days you will start seeing the benefit.

Home Remedies for Headache

1. Ice pack

If you put ice pack behind your neck then you get a lot of relief from migraine pain.
Put some ice in water and soak the cloth in this cold water and then squeeze it for 5 minutes on your forehead. You have to do this procedure 4-5 times.

2. Sebel (Apple)

The apples and apple vinegar have properties to balance the alkaline level of the body. Irregular acid or alkaline level in the body also causes headache problems.

  • Eat an apple with salt.
  • Mix 2 teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water and drink it again.

3. Sugar and coriander

If you have a headache due to cold or cold, then mix the coriander in water and mix it sugar and drink it so that you get relief in the headache.

4. Coconut oil

Many times there is also a headache due to excessive heat in the body. In such a way, if you massage your head with coconut oil then your body will cool down and you will get rid of your headache.

5. Basil

  • Put 6-7 basil leaves in a glass of water and boil them for some time. When it boils completely, then mix some honey in it and drink it like tea.
  • Boiling basil leaves in water, its steam is also beneficial for you.
  • Chew some basil leaves and eat them or massage your head with basil oil.

6. Mint

In menthol, primary components called menthol and menthone are found which are beneficial in removing headache.

  • Take some mint leaves and take out their juice and put them on your forehead.
  • You can massage on the forehead by mixing 3-4 drops of mint in olive oil.

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