Benefits of period – Interesting Facts about your Period

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Most women in India do not want to be s*x in the days of their periods, and fears to do s*x in the periods. But what we are going to tell you today will change your thinking completely. Yes, this is a matter of surprise, but the same truth is that s*x is best done in the days of the times. Yes, but to avoid any kind of infection, use of protection should be done. In this blog, you will find out what is the benefit of doing the time s*x of the periods?

Advantages of s*x in the days of Period

In the days of the Periods, s*x has a different experience. In this article you will get all this, s*x in the periods is not wrong, but it has many advantages. Below we are giving some benefits in details. Read it and enhance your knowledge.

1. Women are more excited in Periods

In the days of Periods, a person does not have to get more excitement from s*x to partner because in those days women have a lot of desire to do s*x. Women are very sensitive in the days of Periods. Therefore, having a relationship with your partner in these days can be a very good and new experience for you, which has no side effects.

2. s*x does not require lubricants

In the days of Periods, you do not need any kind of lubricants. Only in the last days of the periods you may need lubricants. This day s*x will give you the greatest happiness which you will get less in the rest of the day.

3. Delicate parts are more sensible

The greatest benefit of s*x in the days of Periods is that in those days, the parts of the breasts and the parts of beneath stomach become quite sensible. In those days, s*x doubles the fun, which gives both men and women a lot of pleasure.

4. Pain of Periods is Low

You also want to tell us that during the periods of time, women undergo a lot of pain. If women do s*x in these days, they get relief from periods of pain. Research done by S*xual Health Department of Indiana University also states that women get substantial relief from the pain of those days due to s s*x during periods.

5. Strengthens the relationship

In the days of Periods, one thing is seen in both men and women that they shout from s*x in these days. However, it is very good to do s*x in the periods, which increases the relation of both of them. Both come closer to each other and more love for each other emerges. This would be a time when a woman is going through a very painful stage and in such a situation, the relationship between men and love brings strongner in a mutual relationship.

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