Benefits of ‘Ear Pressure Pose Yoga’ for Thyroid Patients

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Hi Friends, how are you all? We are getting many messages from you through commenting and email. We are very happy that you like our blog very much. Today’s topic is how to fix thyroid with the help of yoga.

Ear pressing is a very rare yoga, which requires a lot of mental practice. This is a very good yoga that eliminates ear related problems. This seat is also known as Kneee to Ear Pose. Karnapithasan is an advanced version of Halasan. This seat is considered very good for the human body spines. Blood circulation is faster so that blockage of head and ear is removed. By practicing this posture, both the flexibility and the balancing experience get a good experience. Karnapithasan word taken from the words of Sanskrit It is made up of a group of 3 words “to” “pain” “seat”.

“Ear” means “ear”
“Pain” means “Pain / Pressure”
“Asana” means “Pose / Posture”

How to curl

  • First, lie down on the ground and keep your hands down.
  • Now you have to straighten your legs on straight up to 90 degree angle.
  • You slowly keep breathing, then fold your legs backwards.
  • Take care of one thing that your legs should not be knee bend.
  • Wrap your legs until you touch the fingers of your legs.
  • When the fingers of your feet touch the ground, then you lock your hands together.
  • When you bend the right leg then your knee should be on right shoulder.
  • Later, do the same with the left leg again.
  • Put yourself in the same position for 25-30 seconds.

How to curl

  • Improves digestion.
  • This posture keeps the brain calm.
  • This is a good posture for shoulder and spine too.
  • Corrected any problem related to menopause in a short span of time.
  • If a person is surrounded by stress or fatigue, then this posture is the best.
  • It provides massage to various internal organs of the body.
  • This posture gives energy to the whole body.
  • It is also a better posture for the thyroid and nervous system.
  • It improves the strength of lungs.

Precautions for harp

  • The patient of diarrhea should avoid this posture. By doing this, your condition may get worse.
  • Apart from this, if women are going through menstrual periods, then this should not be done asana so that the likelihood of their stomachache increases.
  • If a person has a neck injury, then he should also avoid it.
  • Always remember that if someone is going through problems of blood pressure or asthma, then he should not do this asana.

Karpadasadan Video

In this blog of today, we have shared steps, benefits, caution and video of Karanpasadana with everyone. We hope that you will like our blog as well as other blogs. Stay with us. We will bring you all the information in the future to fix more and more diseases.

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