Advantages to Our Body from ‘Eight Angled Pose’

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Hello Friends, You are welcome once again at Every day, we bring some yoga for you, which, by doing, benefits your body. Today we will talk about ‘Astavaskaran’ Doing this yoga not only strengthens your arm but also increases your concentration power. One thing we want to tell you is to do this simple step by step. Wronging will be messing with your health. We have brought down this easy steps and video too.

Asht-Vkrasana is also known in English language as Eight Angle Pose. Astavaskaran word is taken from the language of Sanskrit. Ashta – Eight, Curved – Curve / Bend, Asana – Pose. It is very easy to make it easy. It has to keep all the weight of your body on your hands. To do this easy, your balance and flexibility should be good.

How to disassemble

  • First of all, you sit down and sit down and sit down.
  • Now take a minute to warmup your wrist.
  • Spread both legs forward and forward.
  • Bring your right leg above your right shoulder.
  • Now come to the strength of your two hands.
  • Take your second leg up and raise it and put your whole weight on your hands.
  • Now trap your two legs in each other.
  • And pick the right side and in the air.
  • Now stay 10-20 second in this position.
  • And then take this process from the left side.

Benefits of Eight Angled Pose

  • This makes our arms and wrists strong easy.
  • Improves our digestion.
  • It improves concentration, balance and flexibility.

Precautions for Eight Angled Pose

  • If you have any kind of injuries in your elbows, wrists or shoulders then do not do it.
  • If you are having trouble doing this yoga then do not do it.
  • Do this yoga with a certified expert trainer.

Eight Angled Pose Video

Here we have brought the video of the method of disguising yourself. Observe this video carefully and follow the steps being followed correctly. Let us tell you that this video is not of our own. This video we have taken from youtube for reference.

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