Advantages of Breastfeeding – Benefits of Breastfeeding for New Born Baby

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Mother’s milk is considered best for children in the world, so all doctors recommend breastfeeding to her baby. Mother’s milk contains many nutrients that are very good for the baby. The mother who experiences a feeling of happiness while giving milk to the baby can not be told. Can there be loss of breastfeeding? What is the difference between mother’s milk and cow milk and which is best for a child? In today’s article we will learn this. Research has found that the mother’s milk is best for newborn baby. Therefore, the Health Department also said that the first 6 month child should give mother’s milk only on the table of food.

Benefits of Mother’s milk

1. Child’s development is complete

Breastfeeding is good for the child. Breastfeeding is the perfect food for a newborn baby. Mother’s milk contains many nutrients. Drinking mother’s milk leads to complete development of the child’s outer and inside.

2. Ability to fight diseases

By drinking mother’s milk, the child’s ability to fight diseases increases. The mother keeps milk from every kind of nutrient. By which he is strengthened both from internal and external sides.

3. Prevention of diarrhea

Children get diarrhea very quickly, but if breastfeeding is given to the mother every day, then surely the chances of diarrheal disease are greatly reduced.

4. Easy to digest

Mother’s milk is best for her when she is born. Because all parts of the child are weak at that time. Her liver is so weak that there is no juice or some liquid things outside that she is not digested. That’s why mother’s milk is fine only for 6 months.

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